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All year round surf camp in Portugal: Surf Cascais

Spotlight Portugal

All year round surf camp in Portugal: Surf Cascais

The word is out: our good friend David from Surf Cascais is on Errant Surf. We happily introduce this amazing surf villa in Cascais, one of the best surf spots of Portugal and a great location that you can visit almost throughout the entire year. Another great benefit of the location of Cascais is that you can easily visit the city of Lisbon as there’s a very convenient public transport connection.

Surfing in and around Cascais, Portugal

When surfing in Portugal, it’s very important to know when and where to go. This mostly has to do with the fact that the surf conditions that you are going to encounter, need to be suiting your level. One of the great benefits of Cascais, which is among the best surf spots in Portugal, is that you have 2 coasts closeby. It’s either the coast close to Lisbon, with Carcavelos as most important spot, and the West coast, with Guincho and Praia Grande as most well-known. Especially Carcavelos is an amazing surf beach for learning how to surf and the more experienced surfers can improve their turns and take-off at Praia Guincho. Within Portugal these beaches are working throughout the entire year so you are more than welcome to make your way to Cascais for the best surfing of your life.

The Surf Camp in Cascais

The Surf Camp, or should we say Surf Villa, has it all for you to fully emerge in a luxurious and chilled lifestyle, full of the surf-vibe. Most of year, guests can enjoy the swimming pool outside, which comes with a bar with super cold beer, cocktails, and fresh juices!

One happy family

David showed us, when visiting the surf camp, how the staff and himself (as being the owner) make a huge effort in making everyone feel at home. ”After 2 or 3 days, basically every single one of our guests feels like they are part of the Surf Cascais family and I think that is what makes the experience at our surf villa stand out from others”. It’s up to you to go and try it out yourself!

The guests at the surf camp stay in shared or private rooms and can all enjoy the free daily breakfast. So in case you are a beginning or intermediate surfer looking for a surf trip to Portugal, check out the link below and start booking your flights to Portugal.

4.6 / 5 – 80 reviews

Surf Cascais

Cascais, Portugal
Avg. 23 – 32 years old. (Min. 18)
All surf levels, incl. beginners
All year round
From € 220,- per person, incl. surf lessons & meals

Surf Cascais is open throughout the entire year but focusses on the surf camp packages from February/March onwards. We are very exciting to start working with the great surf camp in Cascais.


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