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Surf Camps France

Surf Camps France

Search, find and book the surf camps in France that truly suit you. Use the filters below and experience the surf holiday of a lifetime through Errant Surf!
The endless sandy beaches of the southwest coast of France in combination with the many campsites have led to many surf camps to be found along the different surf spots on the Atlantic coast. Over the years there has been an enormous diversity in surf camps. You will find surf camps for the youth, including several parties, you will find surf camps for families only and you will find the most beautiful glamping options. Are you interested in a surf camp in France? Then use the filters below to find the surf camp that best suits your needs, wants and wishes.

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More information about Surf Camps France

Surf camps can be found in France already since the 90’s (and probably even before). Mimizan, one of France’s most popular and best surf spots, is home to a number of surf camps nowadays. A lot of the surf camps in France have shifted to the areas of Moliets, Vieux Boucau (region of Birriatz) or Le Pin Sec. The entire peninsula Le Pin Sec is located at too (just north of Bordeaux) hosts many surf camps anyway) Errant Surf offers you the best surf holidays since 2004 and throughout the years we have gained more and more information about the true identity of the surf camps we collaborate with. We know that a surf camp is all about an experience where you will be (likely) part of a group, making this something different from just booking a hotel room. We’ve got an overview too with surf holidays in France as this also includes the several surf houses that are present in this country. Here we focus on the actual surf camps, where you will be staying in a tent, ranging from simple tents to luxurious glamping experiences. Are you ready for this adventure?

Best location for a surf camp in France?

It’s not easy to select the best possible location for your surf holiday. In France there are quite some spots, making the decision even harder. As said, the most popular spots include Moliets, Vieux-Boucau le Bain, Le Pin Sec and Mimizan. Biarritz has the name of being a famous surf town but not many surf camps are being present in this city. Wherever you are staying, a day trip to Biarritz always is going to be be good idea anyway. The Southwest of France is close to the North of Spain so in case you’d like to have a look at the bestsurf camps in Spain or the entire list with surf holidays in Spain, you are more than welcome to do so.

Is this going to be the first time you are doing a surf holiday or have you been to several surf camps already? In case you already have quite some experience, you might want to have a look at our overview of the best surf holidays for advanced surfers. For beginners, one of the best possible locations is actually just across the Spanish border, located in the surf town of Zarautz: Surfblend Surf Camp Zarautz. But all options that are present in France always attract a lot of novice surfers. Even thought the surf conditions might not be as good as the North of Spain, it’s still very much enjoyable to go out and surf in France.

When to go to a surf camp in France?

France hosts a number of great locations for a surf holiday. Moliets is one of our top picks and it hosts some great surf camps. The Star Surf Camp¬†is known for its great surf-vibe, where the guests receive the full experience. Whether it’s the food, the live-concerts at the camp, the wine&cheese night at the beach, the skate ramp or just the surfing lessons, it’s all about the surfing, getting to know others and enjoying. And if you’d ask us, this is what a surf camp should be about. Just 100m away from this surf camp, you will find the even more luxurious Deluxe Surf Camp in Moliets, also from Star Surf.

Most of the surf camps in France are only open throughout the summer season, between late-May through to mid-September. Normally the highest waves, for advanced surfers, will arise towards the beginning or end of the season, with the waters being busiest during July and August. So it really would depend what you are after and what your level of surfing is. However, for most people, the surf vibe is what matters most when booking a surf camp in France.