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Surf Camps Spain

Surf Camps Spain

Search, compare and book the best surf camps in Spain through Errant Surf. Use the filters provided to select the option that best suits your needs, wants and wishes.
Spain has a well-stretches coastline along the Atlantic Ocean. The northern regions such as the Basque Country and Cantabria in particular offer an enormous number of excellent surfing spots. It is therefore no surprise that you will find a large number of surf camps in Spain. Most surf camps in Spain can be found in Zarautz and the region of San Vicente de la Barquera. Are you interested in a surf camp in Spain? Then use the filters below to find the surf camp that best suits your wishes and needs.

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More information about Surf Camps Spain

Spain’s a country know for many great things, including the several surf camps being present. However, obviously there’s much more than just surfing in Spain and we are thrilled to tell you more about what else you can do whilst enjoying a surf holiday in Spain. When thinking about Spain, to most people food will come to mind and we fully understand why. The different regions in Spain all have a number of high quality specialties and it’s recommendable to dig into this as this will certainly enrich the experience of your surf trip to Spain. There are beautiful sceneries that are not to be missed and what to think of the culture. Spain also has a great party scene, but that is not something everyone is looking for when visiting a surf camp. There are many other reasons too.

This overview hosts the best surf camps of Spain – accommodations where you will be staying in a tent. We also have a larger overview with all surf holidays in Spain which could potentially also be to your interest. In case you ended up on this page, without being limited to Spain only – even though we truly can encourage you to travel to Spain for some surfing – there’s much more at Errant Surf. What to think of our grand overview of surf holidays, the specially selected surf holidays where a swimming pool is present or the best surf trips for advanced surfers. Moreover we have a large number of surf holidays for families only – although these do include surf camps that are family-friendly. Also, the surf & yoga holidays are very popular.

Best location for a surf camp in Spain?

Spain can be basically divided into two areas when it comes down to surfing. This would ignore the east coast, where cities like Barcelona and Valencia can coincedentally get some waves, which does not happen more often than once a month, in general. We would like to focus on both the North-Coast, with surf spots like Zarautz, Oyambre and Loredo/Somo. In the Southwest you will encounter the beautiful Costa de la Luz, with Cádiz and El Palmar being among the most famous surf spots in the South of Spain.

The question what the best location is for a surf camp in Spain really depends on you. What is your level, when do you travel and what are you after? Below we will have a look at when to travel. We will not do this before exploring more about the different surf spots in Spain. The North, likewise the South we have to add, offers you the opportunity to surf, eat, explore the nature – including many other beaches, visit several cities and ancient towns and learn about the culture. When going to the Surf Camp Zarautz, you can easily visit the cities of San Sebastian, Pamplona, Bilbao and Biarritz (France). When visiting the surf house in Somo, the city of Santander is around the corner but it’s also not far to Bilbao, known for the Guggenheim. There’s also the great Star Surf Camp in Oyambre, giving you the opportunity to also visit the Picos de Europa (mountains), the neighbouring province of Asturias and much more.

When to go to a surf camp in Spain?

When to go to Spain for surfing and where is a very important question. To answer an important question with an easy answer, we provide you with the following.

If you are looking to go surfing in the North of Spain, it’s advisable to travel between April/May and October. The weather conditions can be fairly unpredictable and during the months mentioned odds are highest for receiving some sunlight. Moreover, the conditions for surfing, especially for beginners, are best. Here you’ve got a list with 5 prime locations for beginning surfers in northern Spain.

When considering the winter months we would advise you to travel to the prior mentioned Costa de la Luz. The weather can be great here all year round and, even more important, there are going to be waves. The Ocean that faces Cádiz, for example, won’t be very exciting for surfing in the summer months. However, when traveling in November or February, the waves can range from beginners to intermediates and – at certain spots – even advanced surfers.

All the best in selecting the surf camp in Spain that best fits your needs and wishes and in case you’d have any questions you can always reach out to one of the surf experts at Errant Surf.