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On this page you will find the best surf camps out there, whether they are located in France, Portugal, Spain or anywhere else on this beautiful planet. Use the filters below to find the surf camp that really suits you.
Surf camps have been among the most popular holidays among young people for years. However, over the last years, all types of people turned out to be interested in a surf camp and we can pretty much understand why. Surf camps were set up along the coast of France as early as the 1990s. Over the years, surf camps have also been started in Spain and Portugal, often with their own unique character. Nowadays, you will encounter surf camps basically anywhere on this planet. Are you interested in a surf camp? Then use the filters below to find the surf camp that best suits your wishes and needs.

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More information about Surf Camps

Surf camps are getting more and more popular. Errant Surf already offers you the best surf holidays since 2004 and throughout the years, it has been our mission to have the information present what a particular surf camp is about. We know that a surf camp is all about an experience where you will be (likely) part of a group. You will be sharing facilities, enjoy dinners together and take part in the same surf lessons. In order to help you find the best possible surf camp for your needs, wants and wishes we’ve created a number of filters for you to use. And we get it, in case you’d like to have a look right away on the page of surf holidays with swimming pool, you can do so.

Best location for a surf camp?

It’s not easy to select the best possible location for your surf holiday. Is this going to be the first time you are doing a surf holiday or have you been to several surf camps already? In case you already have quite some experience, you might want to have a look at our overview of the best surf holidays for advanced surfers. As Errant Surf, together with our partner in crime SurfaWhile, saw its first daylight in the UK, it has had a focus on Europe. That’s why our first overview pages with surf camps are dedicated to surf camps in France, surf camps in Portugal and surf camps in Spain, including the Canary Islands.

It’s not unimportant to know what we mean when talking about a surf camp. Many surf accommodations call themselves a surf camp, which makes a lot of sense. However, many of these accommodations you will find in our overview with surf holidays. In this overview – for surf camps – we mainly focus on surf experiences that take place while you are being accommodated in a tent. And please, don’t be scared off by this. Even if you’ve never camped before in your life, we will promise you that you’re going to like it. Just have a look at this amazing Glamping Plus experience in Portugal, where you are being served 3-course meals (of a very high quality – trust us!) while overlooking the clear blue seas incl. the beautiful coastline of Western Portugal.

When to go to a surf camp?

Within Europe, most people use the summer months to visit a surf camp. France is normally the busiest between May and October, where the season in Portugal stretches even further, from March through until November, with the Algarve having the best conditions for surfing between November and March – making Portugal a destination that you can visit for surfing the entire year. Spain is bacillly divided in two areas, the South (similar conditions to the South of the Algarve) and the North, one of the best surf spots for beginners.

Outside of Europe, there are also many spots to go to when looking for a surf holiday. Think about Morrocco, that has the best waves between October and March/April or destinations that are located further away from Europe, such as Sri Lanka, Costa Rica and Indonesia. At these locations you normally have a large variety of waves and beaches you can go to, making these destinations more likely to be suiting your level throughout the year. You can always get in touch with us when looking for the best location to go to.