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About this surf travel

Suitable for all language levels
Suitable for all surf levels, including beginners
Surf lesson's optional when booking
Gemiddeld 6-8 students per class
Average age: 20-35 years old (min. 17)
Course starts every Monday
This language school is accredited
Shared stay or host family
Travel easily to San Sebastian
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Spanish and Surf in San Sebastian

San Sebastian is a very nice city to learn Spanish and you can surf there very easily. The city is known for its city beach, which is within walking distance of the language school. Stay and enjoy Spanish life, including the exceptional food.
Most of the students you'll meet here come from all over the world. During your stay, you make friends for life, with whom you will discover San Sebastian together, the delicious food, surfing and the surrounding area.
What SurfaWhie likes:
  • Language school at a top surf spot
  • City beach within walking distance of language school
  • Excellent Cuisine
  • Lots of fun activities

About Spanish and Surf in San Sebastian

Learn Spanish and surf

Below you can read more about this surf accommodation. See the pictures on the right for an impression.

Learn Spanish and surf

  • San Sebastian: a bustling student town, which is famous for its excellent cuisine in addition to its excellent surfing conditions. Thanks to its open location by the ocean, waves are constantly rolling up against the beaches of San Sebastian, making it one of the few European cities where you can surf directly in the city. In addition, you have a cozy center, consisting of an old and a new part. You can do anything in this city, which is medium-sized, and you won’t get bored.
  • Northern Spain: San Sebastian is located on the Atlantic Ocean, in northern Spain. The north-west coast of Spain is less dry than the rest of the country thanks to its location on the Atlantic Ocean, making the area much greener than the rest of the fairly dry Spainish coast. This results in a beautiful natural region. There are plenty of opportunities to visit cities around San Sebastian.


De taalschool

  • About the language school: the language school in San Sebastian is one of the most experienced Spanish language schools in northern Spain. This school was founded in 1989 and has introduced thousands of international students to the Spanish language. The school is not too big, so there is a lot of room for personal attention.
  • The students: you will learn Spanish in a truly international environment. You will not only learn a lot about the Spanish language, about Spain and about the Basque Country, but you will also learn a lot about the countries and cultures of your fellow students during your stay.
  • Accreditations & awards:  this language school is accredited by Instituto Cervantes,  Fedele,  International House and IALC . This language school is also an official exam center for Spanish exams.


The language lessons & language levels

  • Spanish Lessons: you follow a few hours of Spanish lessons during the morning hours. This will be 20 lessons per week (usually morning or afternoon). You will focus on the different skills of Spanish (speaking and listening, but also writing, reading and grammar). The groups are kept small, so there is a lot of personal attention.
  • Spanish and Surf: if you book the surf lessons, you follow surf lessons at the famous surf school Pukas during the afternoon. Together with your fellow students you will go to the surf school which is located directly on the beach, where you will receive an hour of surfing lessons every day. 
  • Starting dates: courses start every Monday (arrival in San Sebastian on Sunday).
    • Spanish courses for beginners start on: 07 Jan. 03 Feb 02 Mar 06 Apr May 4th. 01 Jun Jun 15 29 Jun 06 Jul Jul 20 03 Aug. 17 Aug. 31 Aug. 07 Sep. 05 Oct. 02 Nov. 07 Dec. 
    • (if the above data does not come true, you can also choose to do self-study (eg via a language app) and start another Monday)
  • Holiday dates 2020:  Jan. 1, 06 & 20. Mar. 19. Apr. 10 & 13. May 1. Jul. 31. Oct. 12. Dec. 8 & 25. These days the school is closed, lessons are – where possible – made up for on other days.

The guests

  • The students: you will learn Spanish in a truly international environment. You will not only learn a lot about the Spanish language, about Spain and about the Basque Country, but you will also learn a lot about the countries and cultures of your fellow students during your stay. Most students come alone and are between 18 and 35.

Surfing, activities, meals and transport

Below you can read more about this surf accommodation. See the pictures on the right below for an impression.


  • Shared apartment: these apartments are shared, the other guests staying in the apartments are fellow students or locals. You get your own room with a desk, chair and a cupboard. If you are traveling with a friend, or with your partner, it is also possible to share a room (1 large or 2 single beds). The apartments are located in different areas of San Sebastian. Virtually all sights are basically within walking distance.
  • Host family:  this is the ideal way to improve your Spanish even faster. You stay in an apartment where a family also lives (this is possible with or without children). These people already have experience with living with students who are learning the Spanish language, they will only try to help you. You get a private room while you share the bathroom. Breakfast is included with the family, but you can also choose to have dinner served every day.

Surf lessons

  • Surf lesson: you will take 1 hour of surf lessons 5 times a week at the renowned surf school Pukas. This highly professional surf school (with offices in different Spanish cities) has taught thousands of students over the years, and is a household name in northern Spain. In addition to a surf school, Pukas also makes its own surfboards and they have several surf shops in Spain. Surfing lessons are optional (of course we recommend them).
  • Surfing material: if you want to surf outside the lessons, you can rent a board and wetsuit. If you are staying in San Sebastian for a longer period of time, you can also choose to purchase a (second-hand) surfboard. 

Surf conditions


  • The surfing lessons are given at different levels. The surf instructors will ensure that you get lessons at your level, even if you have never surfed you will learn this quickly.
  • If you are an experienced surfer, we recommend that you purchase a (second-hand) surfboard on location or bring one yourself. However, a week (or 2) of surfing lessons can still help you a lot further.
  • Read more about surfing in San Sebastian


  • Culinary San Sebastian: when it comes to food and drink, you are guaranteed to enjoy yourself. Every week there are special student evenings, where you can try the tastiest snacks and drinks with a discount, always very nice!
  • Festivals: many festivals are organized in San Sebastian during the summer. A famous jazz festival is organized every year, and the Basque festival week is also a household name. Here you can read everything about the festivals in San Sebastian .
  • City trip: a relatively short distance from San Sebastian you will find a number of cities that you can easily reach. For example, you can visit Biarritz, Bilbao and Pamploma during the weekend.
  • Other activities: in addition to the activities mentioned above, many activities are also organized from the language school. Think of paella evenings, beach volleyball, SUV, kayaking, soccer and much more. So you will never be bored!



  • It is possible to be picked up from Bilbao airport. However, it is easiest to catch a bus that goes to the center of San Sebastian. From there you can walk or take a taxi to the pick-up address for your apartment key. Otherwise you can be picked up by your host family.

Prices & Book

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Below you will find the prices of this surfing holiday. Do you want to make to a booking? Complete the form alongside below to confirm your booking.

Price overview

The prices below are the prices per person per week. The rates are determined based on the arrival date.

Week - price per person, before 2020Spanish + Shared apt.Spanish + host family (breakfast)Spanish + host family (breakfast + dinner)
1 week€ 423 € 471 € 530
2 weeks€ 832 € 928 € 1,046
3 weeks€ 1,193 € 1,337 € 1,514
4 weeks€ 1,322 € 1,514 € 1,750
5 weeks€ 1,625 € 1,865 € 2,160
6 weeks€ 1,928 € 2,216 € 2,570
7 weeks€ 2,231 € 2,567 € 2,980
8 weeks€ 2,414 € 2,798 € 3,270
9 weeks€ 2,702€ 3,134€ 3,665
10 weeks€ 2,990€ 3,470€ 4,060
11 weeks€ 3,278€ 3,806€ 4,455
12 weeks€ 3,290€ 3,866€ 4,574
Extra week € 265 € 310 € 385
High season surcharge (31-05 to 29-06 & 21-08 to 19-09) € 48 € 20 € 20
High season surcharge (29-06 to 21-08) € 88€ 55€ 55

See the "included" tab below for an overview of the basic package and any additional options.

What is is/not included?

IncludedNot included
20 hours of Spanish per weekFlights to Spain
Private stay (shared apartment or host family)Meals in case of stay in an apartment
Certain activities with the language schoolSurf lessons (see add-ons)
Breakfast and host-family dinner Certain activities (such as weekend trip with the school)

Transport & Add-ons

5 hours of surf lessons per week€ 90,-
High-season guest family (31 May - 19 Sep)) € 20,- per week
Surcharge high season shared Apartment (May 31 - Sep 19) € 48,- per week
High season Spanish course fee (Jun 29 - Aug 21) € 35,- per week
Upgrade to half-board (also dinner incl.) - in case of host family € 59,- per person per week
Special dining wishes host family (other than vegatarisch) € 25,- per week

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Practical information

Practical information

Below you will find all the necessary practical information regarding this surfing holiday.

Check-in / Check-out

Check in: Sunday from 14:00 (in accommodation).

Check out: Departure is Saturday at 12:00.

Flexible: Extra nights ( before or after language course is possible). On previous arrivals or later departure, you can often leave your luggage at the property (upon request).

Practical information

  • Arrival: Sunday from 14:00 (in accommodation). Departure is Saturday at 12:00. Single nights (before or after language course is possible). With earlier arrival or later departure you can often leave your luggage in the accommodation (in consultation).
  • Visa : no visa is required for residents of the Netherlands and / or Belgium.
  • Currency: in Spain you pay with the Euro.
  • Pins and credit card: In San Sebastian you will find a large number of ATMs where you can pay with your Debit card or credit card.
  • Vaccinations: vaccinations are not necessary for San Sebastian
  • Wifi: Wi-Fi is available in the language school. It may occur in the accommodation, but it is not a guarantee.

Pack list

Below you will find several items we would recommend you not to forget on your surf trip. Also, looking at the header 'Pricing' you will find a list with things that are included/not included. Furthermore you will receive a pack-list after your booking has been confirmed.

  • Identity card
  • Insurance Pass / Printed Proof
  • Suncream (water-repellent)
  • Swimsuit / Bikini and a bath towel & towel
  • Hot clothes
  • A debit card / credit card and some cash (€)
  • Phone charger


SurfaWhile is an official partner of the Europeesche Verzekeringen, so that the trips of SurfaWhile can be insured. Note: Surfing is seen as an 'extreme sport', not every insurer reimburses these trips. Check this carefully if you take out the insurance yourself, with any insurer.

  • Short-term travel insurance: with taking out a short-term travel insurance Europeesche Verzekeringen you are insured for unexpected costs while traveling.
  • Cancellation insurance: with taking out a cancellation insurance you can cancel your trip free of charge if it is unexpectedly impossible to continue.

How to get there?

  • Lacunza International House – San Sebastián
  • Mundaitz Kalea 8
  • 20012 San Sebastián-Donostia
  • Gipuzkoa, Spain

For more information about the options for transport to this accommodation, see the 'transport' tab under 'Surfing, activities, meals and transport'.



4.9 / 5 - 30 reviews

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Frequently Asked Questions

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The prices per week, including all extras, can be found under the dropdown tab ‘prices’. Click on the yellow ‘Prices & Booking’ button and you will be taken there immediately. The prices are listed per person.

Under the heading ‘prices’ you'll find what's included in this surf holiday.

If you book as a group of 10+ people, we would look at the possibilities together, including which accommodation suits your group best. Where possible, a group discount can be arranged.

With SurfaWhile you will always pay the same price as if you were to book directly with our partners. In addition, we offer you a number of nice benefits and extras. In addition to the SurfaWhile eBook, which you get absolutely FREE with your booking, we help you with good, fast and personalized service to book the surf accommodation that best suits you. We are here to help with any problems you may encounter, and you pay nothing extra for it.

Voor wie?

At the top of the page, directly below the green frame you can find a summary, with the typical age range of the guests. A little further down you will find the heading 'who is booking this surf holiday? ' and there the customer profile is described in more detail.

Yes, it certainly is. On this surf holiday, many people come alone or as a couple, so the atmosphere is very open. By far most are looking to meet new people and socialise.


Yes! Most guests have little to no surfing experience, so you will certainly not be the only one. Take a look at the ' surfing conditions ' heading to determine which month is most suitable for you.

On this page you can find information about the surfing conditions, where we have defined the conditions per level. This information can be found under the tab ' Surfing, activities, meals and transport '..

Surf lessons usually take place in the morning and there is also often a group in the water during the afternoon. However, it depends in particular on the surfing conditions, so this is never easy to determine beforehand.


See ' Surfing, activities, meals and transport ' and then the ' meals ' heading for andditional explanation about the meals.

Most dietary requirements and allergies can be taken into account. After your booking you can state this on the registration form. If you have an allergy that is rare, it may be useful to contact us in advance.

Practical information

Yes, we think so. If you are looking for a week (or longer) full of fun, (a little or a lot of) surfing and nice people, then you are in the right place! A surfing holiday is for everyone and the surf vibe is guaranteed and loved by all!

Please see 'Practical information' for check-in information (time and Arrival day). If you arrive before the check-in time, it is not a problem to leave your luggage at reception and go straight to the beach.

See 'Surfing, activities, meals and transport' and then the ' Transport ' heading for the various options.

No, the flight is not included in the price. Look at the 'transport' heading for the nearest airport and a convenient link to a page where you will easily book your flight.

See 'Practical information' for the general Pack-list and information about this specific accommodation. /p>

In the photo Gallery that is under the heading 'about this surf camp', you can find photos of all the different types of accommodations.

It is advisable to make a decision about this in advance. This surf accommodation is very popular, especially in the summer months and is therefore regularly fully booked.

Still have any questions? Take a look at the questions and answers below. Is your question is still not answered? Please contact us.