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Surf Fitness Tips – #2 The Popup

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Surf Fitness Tips – #2 The Popup

Welcome Folks,
So it’s getting to that time of the year again; iced up windscreens, gloves, brass bands playing jingles bells, but most of all, everybody is trying to get to the gym in preparation for New Year’s resolutions. You walk in for your workout and there are queues on almost every piece of equipment, so what are you going to do?
I’d advise skipping the queue for the bench press, head to the area of the gym covered in cobwebs and pick up a bosu ball and a medicine ball. Then head over to the TRX (roof rack straps hanging around in the corner). These three pieces of equipment will do a great job of training all parts of your body, perfect for surfing.
We are going to focus on one area of surfing that needs improvement, and I’ll assume the popup could be a general area for most people. To improve these you need to build up your upper body strength for the pop and you also need to improve the speed for swinging your legs through, so in order to do so, your abs and hip flexors need to be strengthened.
One exercise you can do to improve both of these factors which will also improve your core strength and balance is the ‘Atomic Push up’. If you think this sounds hard, well you are right, but totally worth it though:
Place your feet in the TRX (feet will be around a foot off the ground); hands in a press up position either on the floor or step it up using the Bosu Ball (this will add a further balance factor). Perform a push up, when your arms are extended, Bring your knees in towards your chest, extend legs back out and drop down into another press up then repeat. You can bring your oblique’s into play too by swinging your knees out to each side. Perform 8 controlled reps of this exercise for 6-8 sets.
Now I also mentioned a medicine ball, you can incorporate this into your squats:
Stand with your feet shoulder width apart, hold the medicine ball in towards your chest or to step the game up you can hold it out in front of you. Then perform your squats. You can do this on the Bosu, just try and keep it as flat and as still as possible. Perform 10-15 reps for 6-8 sets.
Doing these two exercises will help build strength/ balance in your abs, oblique’s, shoulders, hip flexors, quads, hams, biceps, triceps and lower back. Please remember if you have any injuries please consult a medical professional before under taking any exercise.
On a final note if you have any questions then please get in contact via my website, Facebook or Twitter.
Stay stoked,

Hans van Mourik

Co-founder SurfaWhile, ♥️ tech, travel, sports & outdoors.

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