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Surf Fitness Tips #4 Tabata Training

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Surf Fitness Tips #4 Tabata Training

Welcome to the fourth edition!
Surf holiday, a necessary part of a surfer’s life. As much fun as togging up into your cold wetsuit in the howling wind, pouring rain with frost on the ground is, once in a while it’s nice to go escape to warmer climates.
So you are booked up for your trip to Costa Rica or Bali, now it’s time to get into the gym and prime you for those Balinese barrels.
Here is a two week regime that will help. It consists of 3 work outs. Follow this pattern for the two weeks leading up to the holiday:

  • Work out 1
  • Work out 2
  • Workout 3
  • Rest day
  • Work out 1
  • Work out 2
  • Workout 3
  • Rest day
  • Work out 1
  • Work out 2
  • Workout 3
  • Rest day
  • Workout 1
  • Work out 2

This regime is based on tabata training. How does tabata work? Simple… do as many repetitions as you can in 20 seconds then rest for ten seconds, keep repeating this cycle 8 times. Once completed you rest for one minute then move on to the next exercise.  Ensure you use a weight that will allow you to maintain a decent pace not losing correct form. If you’re unsure at what each exercise is, just search the name in youtube as there are heaps of videos online.

  • Workout 1:

Snatch grip dead lift
Goblet squat
Upright row
Gym ball hamstring curl
Dumbbell pullover
Gym ball hyper extension
Barbell row
Double arm kettle bell swing

  • Work out 2

Dumbbell chest press
Dumbbell squat
Dumbbell fly
Seated triceps extension
Dumbbell shoulder press
Lunge jump
Triceps press up
Jump squat

  • Workout 3

Barbell bicep curl
Lying triceps extension
Gym ball crunch
Dumbbell hammer curl
Triceps bench dip
Reverse crunch
Zottman curl
Diamond press up
Happy Training!

Hans van Mourik

Co-founder SurfaWhile, ♥️ tech, travel, sports & outdoors.

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