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Surf Fitness Workout of the Week – Kick Outs

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Surf Fitness Workout of the Week – Kick Outs

Last week Ross James of Ocean Core Fitnesss showed us frog squats to open and strengthen the hip area. This week we are moving up to the core with an exercise called ‘kick outs’. To incorporate these into your routine, start off with the frog squats, take a 30 second rest then move onto these kick outs:
*Start with your hands flat on the floor directly beneath your shoulders, keeping your arms straight (not locked)
*Bend your knees, keeping the balls of your feet on the floor
*Bring your right leg through to the left side until it reaches full extension
*Keep your left knee pointing upwards and ensure your hands remain flat for the entire exercise
*Return back to the central/ start position and repeat on the opposite side
*This is one rep
*Repeat non stop for 30 seconds, 10 seconds rest, go again. 3-5 sets
This is a great all over exercise which will help:
*Shoulder stability/ strength
*Range of movement within the torso, hips, wrists and glutes
*Cardiovascular system
With the following surfing benefits:
*Executing turns
*Injury prevention
*Lung capacity
Any questions get in touch via facebook.

Hans van Mourik

Co-founder SurfaWhile, ♥️ tech, travel, sports & outdoors.

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