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Surf Hire in Newquay

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Surf Hire in Newquay

Surf Hire in Newquay
We offer the best surf hire in Newquay, in terms of rates and equipment. We have a full range of surfboards, wetsuits, body boards all for hire in Newquay.
Surf hire can be pre-arranged, ready for your arrival into Newquay. What’s more we are accreddited with the RNLI as a recoginsed Surf Hire centre in Newquay.
1 Day             3 Day             7 Day
Surfboard      £10                £25                 £45
Wetsuit            £5                 £12                  £25
Bodyboard    £4                 £10                  £20
Boots              £2.50           £6                     £12

About the RNLI Surf Hire Scheme
This scheme is a joint venture between the RNLI and the BSA. It is all about reducing the level of surf-related incidents in the UK. Last year over 40% of RNLI lifeguard activity involved surf-related activity (the highest single pursuit). Surf Hire Safety is aimed at the hire sector that is largely unregulated and offers varying levels of advice and good practice within their operations.
There are currently 1000s of outlets supplying relatively dangerous goods (especially when in the wrong hands) for hire: from large commercial businesses to one man and his van operations. Surf Hire Safety aims to introduce a voluntary code of practice, which allows people renting surfing equipment to know they are using safe and reliable kit.
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