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Surf Holidays By Yourself

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Surf Holidays By Yourself

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A lot of you guys out there have always been interested in surfing but are yet to try it. Surfing is by definition a solo sport, yet when it comes to actually going a lot of us think of it as something you can only do with a large group of friends. We at SurfaWhile often get asked if it is sensible or even possible to go on a surf trip as a solo traveller. To which, fortunately, we have a surprisingly nice answer.

Is it possible to go on a surf holiday alone ?

Yes!!!! Its much more than just possible its actually brilliant and it presents its own set of new possibilities and experiences. Solo Travellers actually make a large portion of our customers as surf camps are, in my opinion, the best holiday you can go on by yourself. There are two key factors that determine if a surf camp is suitable for solo travellers: The staff & the character of the house.

Alexandra is a Solo Traveller that had a great time in Biarritz.

The staff at surf camps are often solo travellers themselves ! Last month I was at Dreamsea and Starr surf camp’s in Moliets,  all of their exceptional staff members were travellers that arrived there solo and then became a team of friends. They know all the tricks of the trade and are extremely attentive to solo travellers.  Often they can be found grabbing a beer with the new arrivals. They want to get to know you just as much as you want to get to know them.

In general the accommodation almost always is designed for Solo Travellers. This means you will either be by yourself or you will be paired up with a new surf buddy. This instantly removes any pressure to make friends as you will see very quickly that everyone is lovely and is in the same position as you. However, like all other things in life its all dependant on how much your willing to put into it. The staff and the events they organise facilitate friendship’s however its up to you to put yourself out there and introduce yourself to everyone with a smile. All you need to do is leave your tent and say “hi”. Trust me it works.

What are the Best Surf Camps to Visit Alone

Dreamsea tent 3 pers.

The advice given above is applicable to any surf camp pretty much anywhere in the world. However within Europe there is certainly a few that I have visited that I feel are really suited for Solo Travellers. The options bellow are a mishmash of places I have visited and those that our customers have most enjoyed whilst traveling alone:

  • The Gota d’ Agua Surf House in Portugal: Located directly below Lisbon, this house is a small scale surf house where the guests, staff and owners all become very close. The atmosphere is incredible because everyone is on a first name basis and all are included for both eating and exploring.
  • The Brunotti Beach Camp in Vieux Boucau: This French camp is supprislingly largely Dutch speaking and has a very close knit staff community. Almost all the staff have known each other from the Netherlads and they have taken a little slice of home out there with them. They make there guest feel right at home and the parties feel like you with old friends from school.
  • Star Surf Camp in Moliets, France: This camp is a bit larger than the others and therefore you get to meet way more people. This camp has a more prominent hippie vibe and therefore attracts a very relaxed crowd. From doing yoga classes on the deck to organised excursion to local events, this camp makes friendships between solo travellers that last. Plus there is always a group out there partying or chilling. This is perhaps the most multicultural camp with guests from all over the world.

Tip’s For Solo Travellers

If your only planning on only taking one solo trip this year, I seriouslt suggest makig it a surf camp. Besides being able to pick up a crazy cool new skill, you will make new friends, experience places you would have never seen before and unearth a subculture that is warm and welcoming. Here is a few tips for when you get there.

  • Go to everything…I mean everything: Whether its a volleyball session someone mentioned at the bar or skateboarding lesson, just go ! through yourself into new activites and convosatins that you wouldn’t usualy have, that’s the whole point of travelling after all.
  • Leave your tent: it can be scary going up to a new group by yourself but peope don’t bite. Nothing bad can come from putting yourself out there or tagging along to something. Everyone at surf camps is there to make new friends. Just leave that tent and don’t come back until you’ve laughed the night away with new friends.
  • Buy something to share: The best ice breaker in the world is the sound of a cork popping out of a wine bottle. Don’t just buy beers for your self, get a bottle of something cheap and cheerful and some cups. You’ll be amazed how welcoming people can be, especially if your willing to share.
  • Be the active voice: I may not follow this one all the time myself but the point still stands. If people hear your enthusiasm to do things then they will find you much more approachable. Remember, others are nervous too.

If you are still not completely sure as to which option or camp suits you, please drop us at SurfaWhile a message . Get out there alone, it feels great and there is too much to se out there to be waiting on your group chat organising is just to good to miss!

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