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Surf Holidays in the Rain

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Surf Holidays in the Rain

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When you go on a surfing holiday, you usually and correctly assume that the weather is nice. You will spend a lot of time in the water, on the beach or anywhere else in the great outdoors. Unfortunately it can happen that Mother Nature throws a spanner in the works. For those moments, we have compiled a list with some nice things you can do when it rains.

Workshops in surf camps

The great thing about a surf camp or surf house is that you are never alone, so boredom is not an option! There are always games to play with your new friends.  30 seconds, pictionary and twister are always a crowed pleaser. But don’t be stopped from coming up with a game to do yourself. You often see that different activities are arranged from within the organization. Think of workshops that you can follow in the surf camp or surf house. Examples we have seen on are travels include decorating skateboards and making postcards. It may not be directly related to surfing, but if you can’t surf this is still a nice way to spend your time!

Surfing when it rains

If you want to spend more time surfing, there are plenty of options. You often see that theory lessons are given on the days that surf lessons cannot be given on the beach. If you have already taken these lessons (theory is standard in the surf lesson package) then there is still the option to watch a surf movie. What will make you extra motivated when you can go back into the water! An example of this is the presentation of the film Drift in the Dreamsea surf camp Moliets. Cold beers, good convocation and a classic surf film, there are certainly worse ways to spend a day.

Another option you can do is skateboard or long board. The comparisons between skateboarding and surfing are larger than you might expect. Balance is one of the first things you need to master for both sports. Your posture and movements are also comparable. It isn’t for no reason that skateboarders are dubbed the surfers of the asphalt.

Activities in the surfcamp when it rains 

If the waves are too big or rough, it is not always advisable to go into the water yourself. Also in this case there are plenty of things you can do. Experienced surfers come on these days to brave the high waves. Taking a look at the beach is definitely recommended! If you want to be busy yourself there is also plenty to do. When it is dry you can for example try your hand at skating or longboarding. Some surf camps have a skate ramp on which you can practice, where you can also rent boards. A surf camp where they have a nice ramp is Star Surf Camp. If you prefer to be on the beach, it can be fun to do different beach sports. Think Beach volleyball, Frisbee or Beach tennis.

There is also plenty of room for creativity on the camps themselves. During our visit to Dreamsea moliets a very special activity was organized, a slip & slide. A kind of slide was created with a plastic sheet, which actually worked even better due to the rain.

You can’t get around it, mother nature determines on which days you are surfing and when not. With a little creativity you can go a long way as you have just been able to read. We naturally assume that you are surfing as much as possible. But the days when that is not possible, there is still plenty to do!

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