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Surf Holidays Outside Europe

Surf Holidays Outside Europe

On this page you will find the best surf holiday outside of Europe. Use the filters below to find the surfing holiday that suits you best.
You will find numerous surf spots all over the world that are very suitable for surfers at different levels. Many of these locations are tropical, so you can enjoy a surf holiday all year round. Below you will find the best surf holidays in countries such as Morocco, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Costa Rica and Nicaragua. Are you interested in a surf holiday outside of Europe? Then use the filters below to find the surf holiday that best suits your wishes and needs. Let's go SurfaWhile!

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More information about Surf Holidays Outside Europe

In case you wouldn’t want to travel within or to Europe, there are many options outside of Europe. As we are located ourselves within Europe, we created this page with surf holidays outside of Europe without the aim of minimizing that offer. Europe only has a handful of destinations, the World has so much more to offer. What to think of this amazing surf house in Sri Lanka, just to name an example. Use our filters and find the surf holiday that best fits your needs, wants and wishes.

The surf holidays outside of Europe are both for novice and advanced surfers. Many people travel nowadays and there’s just a lot of offer for beginning surfers. However, when being an advanced surfer you might also be looking for a surf holiday. It is true that most guests of surf camps are novice surfers but this certainly isn’t the case at every camp. You can always have a look at our overview with surf holidays for advanced surfers, maybe it helps.

Why book a surf holiday outside of Europe?

Europe has amazing surf destinations. Think about surfing in Portugal, the amazing spots at the Canary Islands or other parts of Spain and the challenging waves you can get while surfing in France. However, there’s so much more. When living in Europe, it’s not common that you would book a one week surf trip outside of Europe – mainly due to the distance (Morocco might be the exception, as this country is close to Europe and a great option for a surf holiday outside of Europe). We very much support the fact that people think about the environment when booking their surf holidays. However, also a longer trip (e.g. to Sri Lanka, Bali or Nicaragua) you can combine with a 1-week surf holiday.

Travelling to the most amazing parts of the world can also get you to the most beautiful beaches on this planet. Honestly speaking – besides a number of exceptions – Europe does not have the most beautiful surf spots of the world. In Portugal, there are a couple of pretty amazing spots, but when knowing the beautiful beaches of Costa Rica, the clear blue waters of Fiji or the magnificant views of Hawaii the choice is made easily. Another great advantage to booking a surf holiday outside of Europe is that there are many spots with the opposite seasons of the year than Europe. When it’s cold over here, spots like South-Africa, Bali or Australia might be nice and warm. Reasons enough to book your surf holidays through this page and go out and enjoy!