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Surf Holidays Portugal

Surf Holidays Portugal

On this page you will find the best surf holidays in Portugal. Use the filters below to find the surf holiday that suits you best.
Portugal is hot! The beautiful country in southwestern Europe has all the ingredients for an excellent surfing holiday. Portugal has a fantastic coastline with numerous fantastic surf spots. Everything comes together during a surf holiday in Portugal: the wonderful climate, the beautiful nature, the friendly people and fantastic surf spots for surfers at all levels. Are you interested in a surf holiday in Portugal? Then use the filters below to find the surf holiday that best suits your wishes and needs. Let's go SurfaWhile!

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More information about Surf Holidays Portugal

At Errant Surf we are on top of selecting the best surf holidays already from 2004. Portugal is one of our favorite destinations for surf holidays but there’s much more. Whether you are looking to go surfing at any European destination or you’d prefer to go for a surf holiday outside of Europe, we have the best option for you. Our platform is created so that you can really find the surf experience that best matches with what you’re looking for. Surfing in Portugal can be done at many spots and we tell you where to be and when.

Surf holidays in Portugal, which one to choose?

When booking a surf holiday, it very important to know what to expect. Portugal can be split into 5 regions when it comes to surf holidays: Surfing in the North of Portugal, Surfing around Ericeira and Peniche, Surfing in Lisbon, Surfing in Alentejo and Surfing in the Algarve. It’s also very important to check the period you want to go surfing in Portugal, as you can basically book surf holidays in Portugal whole year around.

We are pretty proud of our offer of surf holidays in Portugal, an offer that is ever growing. At the different pages, you can find all about the experience our partners are offering. When surfing in Porto, the Circle Surf Camp is a great option, in Caparica we have our friends at Gota d’Agua and when looking for a surf camp in Portugal, the Dreamsea Surf Camp in Alentejo is recommendable.

Where to go to for my surf holidays in Portugal?

When choosing the spot for your surfing holidays in Portugal it’s important to think about time and level. The Algarve (southerns coast) is basically only working during the autumn and winter months, but many surf camps in the Algarve have the flexibility to also go surf on the Portuguese West coast. When you are a beginner, in October through to March the Algarve could actually be a good option for your surf holiday in Portugal. In case you want to travel in the summer months, you could go surfing in Lisbon or Ericeira but also Porto could be a good choice for your surfing holiday. There are so many choices so you are more than welcome to check out the different pages on this page to find the surfing holiday in Portugal best fitting your needs, wants and wishes.