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Surf holidays filled with tranquility and comfort

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Surf holidays filled with tranquility and comfort

Surfing and surf camps are no longer just for ‘boozy teenagers’. We regularly receive a request (especially from people over 25), with the special request not to book a surf camp where the bottles of vodka are on the table for dinner. The good news is: that is no problem, there are also surf camps where the average age is a bit higher and the quality is often a bit better. We have listed some nice surf camps so take advantage of that!

Surf camps in Portugal

Portugal is becoming more popular every year and there are also plenty of surf accommodations. Because we have a good insights of what to expect at different locations, we listed two options that we would like to explain further.

Lapoint Surf House, Alentejo

This small scale accommodation is located in a beautiful country house in Alentejo. It can accommodate up to 20 guests, with a number of shared and private rooms. The house has a spacious living room and open kitchen. There is also a swimming pool and a volleyball court, where the surf house is surrounded by plenty of space anyway.

This is one of our premium accommodations, which is also reflected in the price. However, you will get very good service – we have experienced that ourselves. This overall picture generally attracts guests aged 25 or older, but the average age is often above 30. Quality is really above all here. Click on the link below to learn more about this great surf accommodation.

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Magikvanilla, Ericeira

This surf house is run by Steve and Susie, a British-Portuguese couple who are always present and really put their soul and bliss in the experience of the guests. The whole setting indicates that this house attracts a more mature type of traveler, every week the guests have an average age of almost 30. This house is not as luxurious as the above option, but you are still fully equipped. There is a lovely jacuzzi and around the surf house there is also a lot of space, with different spots where you can chill. The communal barbecue (with plenty of vegan options) is one of the highlights of the week in terms of conviviality, but this is anything but a “booze feast” – an image many people still have of surf camps.

Another indication of a somewhat more mature surf house is that the focus is mainly on surfing. Steve is a passionate surfer and the entire team of instructors is under his leadership. Their goal is to get everyone to make as much progress as possible during their week (or 2) in Ericeira.

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Surf camps in France

France is a destination that has been very popular among young people for years. However, surf camps can be found for everyone and you don’t have to worry about getting stuck between the 18-year-old party animals.

Dreamsea Glamping, Moliets

This beautiful glamping camp is a lot more luxurious than the average surf camp you will find in France. The spaciously constructed teepee tents offer sufficient space and a comfortable bed (double bed or 2 single beds). The meals served are also slightly better than you probably expect in advance and in general there is a very quiet atmosphere in the camp.

Most of the guests here are at 25 years old or older. There are also families (with children), but in general this does not lead to “chaotic scenes”. Best of all, it is still a surf camp, so you can just take a surf lesson and free surfing is no problem. Yoga classes and massages can also be booked and you can also take part in one of the many activities organized in and around the camp.

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SURFinn Surf House, Vieux Boucau

The SURFinn Surf House in the South of France is fully equipped. In front of the house is a beautiful swimming pool surrounded by a spacious garden. The beach is only a few minutes away and the charming center of Vieux Boucau is nearby. This surf house always has two hosts, a couple who are usually present all week to make everyone happy. They also provide a daily delicious breakfast, so that everyone has a good start of the day.

This accommodation offers different types of rooms and due to the luxury of the accommodation it attracts a lot of people who are looking for that. You don’t have to worry about party practices here, because they are looking for a combination of peace and intimacy. There is also a very cozy and friendly atmosphere because of the hosts who are present. It is also possible that families come here and that always goes well with the other guests.

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Surf camps in Spain

The region Northern Spain is a region that is become more popular. The nature is beautifully green, the beaches are not as busy as in France or Portugal and the surfing conditions are ideal for – especially – novice surfers. Here, too, there are numerous different surf accommodations, including some where the quality is slightly higher and thus appeals to a target group that is somewhat older and more mature than the average surf camps.

Latas Surf Lodge, Loredo

Loredo is located in the same bay as Santander. You can almost see this surf lodge as a surf hotel; everyone has their own room with private bathroom. This attracts guests who prefer privacy, but there can still be plenty of fun, for example in the restaurant. Many guests also take surf lessons and that is also a place to meet. In this accommodation you don’t have to worry about getting stuck with the partying teenagers, which is great.

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Dreamsea Surf Camp, Comillas

You will find yourself in paradise when visiting the beautiful camp El Helguero, which is located near Comillas (Nothern Spain). This surf camp is smaller than most other camps and that creates a personal atmosphere. The staff members are normally very involved with the guests, which ensures a good group feeling. The tents are also a bit more luxurious than in other places and the meals are of a high level. For a surf camp at a campsite, it is also unique that this camp has its own sanitary facilities. It is definitely worth to have a look at this location.

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