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On this page you will find the world's best surf holidays. Use the filters below to find the surf holiday that suits you.
Are you looking for the perfect surf holiday? Below you will find an overview of the best surf holidays in France, Spain, Portugal and even outside of Europe. SurfaWhile has personally visited all accommodations to ensure that we can help you find the surf holiday that truly suits you. Are you interested in a surf holiday? Then use the filters below to find the surf holiday that best suits your wishes and needs. Let's go SurfaWhile!

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From € 79,- per Array
Alentejo, Portugal 4.2 / 5 - 210 reviews

Dreamsea Glamping Plus

Glamorous Camping
Avg. 25 - 50 years old. (Min. 18).
Beginners & intermediate
Array - Array
Almost fully booked
From € 269,- per Array
Praia Galé, Portugal 4.2 / 5 - 210 reviews

Surf Camp Alentejo

The Dreamsea Vibe
Avg. 18 - 28 years old. (Min. 16).
Beginners only
Array - Array
Limited availability
From € 219,- per Array
Tocha, Portugal 4.9 / 5 - 9 reviews

Dreamsea Surf Camp Tocha

Old fisherman's village
Avg. 23 - 38 years old. (Min. 18).
Beginners & intermediate
Limited availability

More information about Surf Holidays

At Errant Surf we are on top of selecting the best surf holidays already from 2004. It’s our mission to have you book the surf holiday that best fits your needs, wants and wishes. Whether you are looking to go surfing at any European destination or you’d prefer to go for a surf holiday outside of Europe, we have the best option for you. The platform we have developed is specialized in bringing across the experience you will encounter at our partners, which we believe is vital.

A surf holiday, which one to choose?

When booking a surf holiday, it very important to know what to expect. Unlike booking a hotel room, a surf holiday is much more about the experience. What is the vibe like, how are the surf lessons, what did other guests say? These are all very genuine questions and we are doing our best to provide you with the best possible answers in order for you to book the surf holiday best suiting you.

A great example where the experience turns out to be vital is at our friends of Gota d’Agua Surf House, one of our favourite surf holidays. The experience they are providing to their guests is truly unique and it’s different from any other surf camp. Without saying it’s better or worse, we indicate it’s different. But to fully understand what you can expect, we created a number of special fiels on the accommodation-pages, enabling you to find out which surf holiday you will feel at ease most.

Where to go to for my surf holiday

It’s extremely important to choose a destination based on the time of travelling. When traveling in the summer, most of Portugal (the part from Costa da Caparica and up), Spain (the Northern Coast) and France (West) will be amazing locations for your surf holiday. When your surf holiday takes place in the winter season, Morocco or the Southern part of Portugal might be great options. As said, also outside of Europe we have loads of options so you will always be able to find the surf holiday that matches with your plans.

In case you’d like to check out the best surf holidays per country, you might like our overview of surf holidays in France, the different surf holidays in Portugal we offer or – divided across the region in the North and South-West – our offer of surf holidays in Spain. Especially for parents looking for a surf adventure together with their kids, we have surfing holidays for families, an overview which distinguishes between surf camps for families and surf camps that we believe are family-friendly.