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Dreamsea Surf Camp Alentejo

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What is included in this holiday?

What is included in this holiday?

Shared or private lodging
Solo travellers, friends, couples
Average age: 18 - jaar (Min. )
Surf lessons optional, all levels

All meals are included
Transfer(s) available
Jun - Oct
Add Yoga, pick-up and more


  • Quality of Life: Alentejo is known for offering you the higest quality of life within Portugal. The nature, gastronomy, coast line, the people and the wines, everything is just great here. It's up to you to visit this beatiful part of the country for a surf camp providing you with more than you could ask for
  • More than just a surf camp: Dreamsea is back with yet another amazing location. After their camps in France, Spain, Nicaragua and many other spots, their newest journey is taking place in the beautiful Alentejo. Enjoy all the surf camp is offering an get the Dreamsea vibe for free. This is an experience of a lifetime
  • All tents are just beautiful: The amazing Sahara-tents are everything you could ask for when staying in a surf camp. Whether it's for the shared or private (Glamping) tents, the accommodation comes with highly comfortable beds and a stylish interior design.

Video Experience

About this surf holiday

At Errant Surf we find it very important that you read about the experience that is offered at . Our partner has provided the information you will read below. The booking tool will tell you exactly what you will get for what price.

The vibe at Dreamsea Surf Camp Alentejo

  • Dreamsea is all about sharing memories with everyone. We like to surf, chill, get to know each other and celebrate life. We will do all of this, while keeping everyones well-being into account. Whichever you want to get our of your surf holiday, you are more than welcome to do while staying with us. And it's not unlikely that we will be visited by one or more families (kids teenagers) for a week.

Guest Profile

  • Guests are typically between 18 and 28 years old. The minimum age is 16. Guests younger than 16 are welcome when accompanied by at least one parent.
  • This accommodation is suitable for solo travellers, friends, couples, families.
  • Every now and then, one or more families join us. But if you book, you might be the only family.


The following accommodation types are being offered by this surf camp. See 'prices & book' for availability of the accommodation types.

Shared Tents

  • Where do you sleep? You will stay in a shared tent with single bed(s). Suitable for 4 guests. Beds are made.
  • Bathroom Facilities: Shared sanitary.
  • Possible to book privately? This accommodation can be booked privately.
  • In addition to the above: These beautiful tents are for 3 or 4 people. If you come alone you will be sharing the tent with other guests. All tents come with electricity and lights and the beds are very comfortable.

Glamping tents private

  • Where do you sleep? You will stay in a private tent with twin bed(s) or double bed(s). Suitable for 3 guests. Beds are made.
  • Bathroom Facilities: Shared sanitary.
  • Possible to book privately? This accommodation can be booked privately.
  • In addition to the above: These tents are normally for two people (a double bed) and it's possible to add one single bed (in case available). A nice bottle of wine will be awaiting you upon arrival.

Surfing at Dreamsea Surf Camp Alentejo

Alentejo is a great place for surfing, especially for beginner and intermediate surfers. The surf lessons will take place at one of the most beauitful beaches of Portugal: Pessegueiro Island Beach. Just the scenery would already make it worth taking the surf lessons and you will be enjoying the fun and qualitative surf classes taught to you

The Surf Levels

Dreamsea Surf Camp Alentejo offers surf lessons on the following surf levels:


  • You have never surfed in your life, or just once or twice
  • Best months: Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct.


  • You have experience in surfing and now how to perform a pop-up
  • Best months: Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct.


  • You can pretty much surf independently
  • Best months: Jun, Sep, Oct.

Surf packages

The following surf packages are being offered by this .

10h surf course

  • 10h surf course: Opt for Level 0, 1 or 2 and enjoy the 10 hours of surf lessons taking place at the beautiful Pessegueiro Island Beach. For the Level 2 (intermediate) an in-depth photo and video analysis review is included You will have 5 lessons, spread over 5 days, of 2 hours each.
  • Suitable for: (1 star refers to not suitable, 5 refers to very suitable)
    • Beginners:
    • Intermediate:
    • Advanced:

Families / Children

  • Surfing for children: We offer surf lessons for children who are able to swim and min. 8 years old
  • Safety: Safety is the most important and our teachers know how to teach surfing to kids

Practical information

  • The surf lessons are taught in English, Spanish, Portuguese.
  • The surf lessons will be planned according to the weather and wave conditions, so it's impossible to communicate the hours of your lessons prior to your arrival.
  • The surf lessons take place at Pessegueiro Island Beach.
  • There won't be any surf lessons on the day of your arrival.

Video analysis

  • Video analysis: For Level 2: through in-depth photo and video analysis review and feedback, the real deal

Surf equipment

  • Surf equipment: When booking a surf package, making use of a surfboard and a wetsuit is included for all guests throughout their stay.

Surf storage

  • Surf storage: It is possible to store your own surf equipment in our storage.

What is there to do?

The activities below are available during most of the season. The add-ons which do not appear in the booking tool can be booked on location.


  • Beach Volleybal: After a few days in the camp it’s time to see who has improved the most playing beach volley, join our volley tournament and win fantastic prizes, good fun guaranteed!
  • Ping Pong Tournament: Now it’s time for the Ping Pong tournament. Show your skills with the table tennis bat in tough duels.
  • Movie Night: Once per week we will show a movie at our amazing summer cinema, get a good place and enjoy our selection of movies.

Activities to add-on

  • Yoga Lessons: One of the really good things about yoga, when applied to surf, is that yoga is a perfect complement for such an all-round athletic sport. You will stretch and try positions that will help your body compensate for the exertion from surfing.
  • Horse riding on the beach: This is an optional trip, but we highly recommend that you join a horse riding tour by the beach, ending with an amazing sunset picnic. Do not miss out

Food & Drinks

Food really is a reason why to visit this Alentejo Surf Camp. Both in the morning and evening an amazing buffet is awaiting you and there will be more than enough for you and all the other guests. During lunch you will be given the opportunity to enjoy your pre-packed lunch (which you will make yourself after breakfast). Trust us when we tell you that the food will be amazing.

What to expect?

This is an overview of what you can expect in terms of food & drinks. When selecting your prefered package during the booking process, you will know exactly on how many meals you can count.
  • Breakfast: Included on a daily basis.
  • Lunch: Included on a daily basis.
  • Dinner: Included on a daily basis.


  • Drinks can be purchased at our bar.

Cooking facilities

  • We do not have a kitchen for our guests.

Dietary requirements

  • In case you have any particular dietary requirements, please inform us.
  • We cater vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free diets.
  • In case your requirements are very specific, please clarify this during the booking process so we can prepare our kitchen for you.


Below you will find the facilities that are available for most of the season. A EUR sign (€) refers to a paid add-on.


  • Electricity
  • Parking
  • Lockers
  • Desk to work
  • Pet friendly
  • Family friendly
  • Wetsuit storage
  • Surf storage
  • ATM nearby


  • Table tennis
  • Skateboards
  • Animation
  • Bar
  • Excursions
  • Yoga
  • Board games


  • Made beds
  • Coffee / tea
  • Breakfast
  • Lunch
  • Dinner


Here the actual location of the surf camp is displayed. Below you will find the best way(s) of how to get there.

The address of Dreamsea Surf Camp Alentejo

  • Estrada da Ilha, 7520-421, Portugal

How to reach Dreamsea Surf Camp Alentejo by Car

  • Car rental: We recommend all our guests to rent a car. A rental car is a great option to get to Porto Covo and allows you to explore the beautiful surroundings of our surf camp, which is a true paradise
  • There is free parking outside of our surf accommodation.

How to reach Dreamsea Surf Camp Alentejo by Transfer

  • From Lisbon Airport:
    • Price single trip per person: € 40,-
    • Price 2 ways per person: € 80,-
  • Please note: Pick-ups from the airport at: 10:30, 14:30, 18:30 and one late transfer (Saturdays only)

  • From Porto Covo Bus station:
    • Price single trip per person: € 0,-
    • Price 2 ways per person: € 0,-
  • Please note: This pick-up is free between 08:30 and 20:30 both on Saturday's and Wednesday's

Practical information

  • Check-in check-in is on Saturday from 16:00.
  • Check-out: check-out is on Saturday from 11:00.
  • Check-in / check-out extra information: When booking the Glamping you can also check-in and check-out on Wednesdays
  • Payment options: Maestro, Cash, ATM nearby.
  • Insurances: For information about or if you would like to add insurance to your surf holiday see the following link.
  • Visa and health: visit our page with information on the current situation in regards to visas and health. This page does not include information in regards to covid.
  • GGTO Guarantee Fund: we are a member of the GGTO Guarantee Fund. A one-time contribution of € 7,50 per person will be charged on top of your booking.

Basic pack list

You will receive more information about 'what to pack' in the welcome information. For now we just would like to make you aware of the most important things:

  • Beach towel
  • Sunscreen / after sun
  • Hat
  • Sunglasses
  • Party outfit
  • Swimwear
  • Passport / ID
  • Insurance details
  • Charger
4.5/ 5 - 1218 reviews


Dreamsea Surf Camp Alentejo is rated with a 4.5 /5, based on private reviews.

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Book this Surf Holiday

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Most popular!
  • Shared Tent Package

  • 7 nights of accommodation
  • Shared tipi-tent (3 - 4 people)
  • Full Board, 3 meals per day
  • Use of camp facilities and surf equipment
  • Add surf lessons and yoga to your package
  • Add airport transfer
  • Book from € 364,- per person

    A one-off fee of €7.50 per person will be charged for the benefit of the GGTO Guarantee Fund.

  • Private Glamping Tent Package

  • 3 - 14 nights of accommodation
  • Private Glamping tent (1 - 3 people)
  • Full Board, 3 meals per day
  • Use of camp facilities and surf equipment
  • Add surf lessons and yoga to your package
  • Add airport transfer
  • Book from € 409,- per person

    A one-off fee of €7.50 per person will be charged for the benefit of the GGTO Guarantee Fund.

Prices & Availability


About the partner

This surf holiday takes place at Dreamsea Surf Camps in Porto Covo, Portugal.

We are proud to call Dreamsea Surf Camps our oldest partner. Where they run a number of surf camps all over the world, we manage to maintain a very personal relationship with them, where we speak and see most managers and owners personally at least once a year. We always feel very welcome when we visit them on a work visit.

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Small print

Terms & Conditions On this booking our booking terms apply.
Modification of booking See our terms and conditions for the modification policy.
Travel Operator This surf holiday is carried out by SurfaWhile in collaboration with Dreamsea Surf Camps.
Minimum age The minimum age to stay in this accommodation is 16 years old. Guests younger than the minimum age are welcome when accompanied by at least one parent.Participants under the age of 18 receive a form which must be signed by a parent or guardian.
Accommodation type During the booking process you can select the desired accommodation type.
Exclusive You will be able to select the included components of the trip during the booking process.
Travel documents The travel documents for this surfing holiday will be sent by email in due course. If information about visa is relevant, we would like to refer you to this page.
Preferences If you pass this on afterwards, we cannot guarantee your preference.
Tourist tax Tourist tax must be paid on location.
Location and accommodation Location: this surf holiday takes place in Porto Covo in Portugal.
Duration of holiday You will be able to select the included components of the trip during the booking process.
Insurances Open this page for information about travel insurance and cancellation insurance.
GGTO Guarantee Fund We are affiliated with the GGTO Guarantee Fund (number: 1395). We are obliged to ask for a one-off contribution of € 7.50 per person.
Disclaimer Every day we take great care and attention to keep the information about the hotel up to date. Nevertheless, it can happen that facilities, opening hours and / or possible costs change regularly.