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Surf Holidays France

On this page you will find the best surf vacations in France. Use the filters below to find the surf camp that really suits you.
France has long been one of our favorite countries for a surf vacation. The country has a wonderful climate, beautiful nature, beautiful beaches and excellent surfing spots. Are you interested in a surf vacation in France? Use the filters below to find the surf vacation that best suits your needs.

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Errant warrant
Region: Biarritz, France 4.3/ 5 - 90 reviews

Star Surf Camp Moliets

International vibe
Avg. 22 - 30 years old. (Min. 18)
Beginners only
May - Sep (8 or 15 days, fixed group)
Transfer(s) available
From € 219,- per person
Based on 7 nights, incl. meals
Errant warrant
Region: Biarritz, France 4.3/ 5 - 90 reviews

Star Surf Camp Deluxe Moliets

Surf in Style
Avg. 24 - 40 years old. (Min. 18)
Beginners & intermediate
May - Sep (8 or 15 days, fixed group)
Transfer(s) available
From € 319,- per person
Based on 7 nights, incl. meals
Cashback guarantee
Region: Biarritz, France 4.9/ 5 - 23 reviews

SURFinn Vieux Boucau

Beach and Pool
Avg. 24 - 39 years old. (Min. 18)
Beginners & intermediate
Mar - Nov (8 or 15 days, fixed group)
Parking is available
From € 199,- per person
Based on 3 nights, incl. meals
Cashback guarantee
Region: Biarritz, France 4.7/ 5 - 21 reviews

Surfbase Vieux Boucau

Surf, comfort and fun
Avg. 20 - 28 years old. (Min. 18)
Beginners & intermediate
Jun - Sep (8 or 15 days, fixed group)
Parking is available
From € 259,- per person
Based on 7 nights, book extras

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Surf Holidays and Surf Camps

About Surf Holidays in France

Through Errant Surf you can book the best surf holidays in France. For a few years now we have been coming regularly to France to get the best information about what is happening in the different surf camps, and there are a lot of them. Surfing has become very popular the last few years and because of this you can sometimes not see the wood for the trees because there is so much on offer. Errant Surf will make it easy for you to find the perfect surf holiday in France for you.

Surfing in France in a nutshell

  • Surf camps in France: all along the coast (especially in the south, it must be said) you can find the best surf camps.
  • Surfing conditions: the Atlantic coast of France offers world-class surfing conditions. It’s not for nothing that Hossegor is one of the spots in the prestigious World Surf League.
  • Waves for every level: the wide sandy beaches of France harbour an unprecedented number of surf spots, which are suitable for surfers of all levels.
  • Convenient distance: the relatively convenient distance frommany European countries makes the Atlantic coast of France an excellent choice for your surfing holiday.
  • Vibrant surf spots: the large presence of surf camps, surf hostels and surf schools in popular surf towns like Molitets, Vieux Boucau and Biarritz, has created a vibrant nightlife.
  • Surfing holiday selection: A huge advantage of France as a choice for your surfing holiday is the unprecedented range of surf camps, surf hostels and surf schools along virtually the entire coast.
  • Transport: The surf spots in the south of France are easily accessible by car or bus. It is also possible to fly to Biarritz and Bordeaux, and you can take a super-fast train to Bordeaux. So there is plenty of choice!

History of Surfing in France

Surfing in France began when the famous Hollywood writer Peter Viertel spent some time on the Basque coast in 1956 working on the film “The Sun also Rises”. When he saw the waves of the Atlantic Ocean, he did not hesitate and decided to fly his surfboard over from California. He quickly made friends with the locals in Biarritz who were quickly infected by the filmmaker’s hobby: surfing in France was born!

Different types of surf holidays in France

In France you have different types of surf holidays that you can book. There are surf camps in France and some surf houses. Especially in the high season, the surf camps, where you stay in a tent, are very popular. In places like Moliets, Vieux Boucau and Le Pin Sec, it can be very pleasant between June and September, with many surfers in the water. In general, everyone comes here for the same reason: to have a great time while surrounded by friendly people.


The best surf spots in France

France is blessed by the presence of the Atlantic Ocean with many places where you can surf. The different regions, places and beaches differ greatly. In the south you have the mundane places Biarritz and Hossegor, north of these places are all kinds of nice surf villages, but you can also in the north of France in the deserted bays of Brittany in the water. Be careful though: the current can be strong and treacherous. So get good information from local sources about when and where you can surf in France.


In recent years, Moliets has become one of the most popular surfing destinations in Europe. This is not surprising, as the village combines very good waves with a lively nightlife, thanks to the presence of a large number of restaurants and cafés. For these reasons, Moliets has become a very popular destination for surf camps.

Vieux Boucau

This holiday resort is located near a lake that flows into the Atlantic Ocean. This lake is precisely the reason for the excellent quality of the waves in this town. Vieux Boucau is a very popular place for beginning surfers. Here you will find a large number of surf camps, the best of which you can book via Errant Surf.


35 kilometres south of Hossegor is Biarritz. This is probably the most famous surf destination of France. Biarritz has been a very popular seaside resort for centuries and it can get very busy in the water during the summer months. The nice thing about Biarritz compared to the above places is that it is a larger city and therefore has more to offer for a wider audience.

Le Pin Sec

Le Pin Sec is a tiny town on the Atlantic coast of France, and is about an hour and a half’s drive north of Bordeaux. Le Pin Sec has been in the shadow of famous surf spots like Mimizan and Moliets for years, but in recent years it has been catching up. More and more surf camps have been added to the campsites of Le Pin.

Is a surfing holiday in France also for beginners?

Southwest France is every year the place where hundreds, if not thousands, of surfers take to the water for the first time. Spots such as Moliets and Vieux-Boucau are very popular places to book surfing holidays in France and a large proportion of the guests at an average surf camp are novice surfers. If you ask us, there are better places in Europe to learn to surf, but in France you can certainly do that too. And many of our guests are also looking for the surf-vibe and you will find it during your surf holiday in France like nowhere else.

When is the best time to go on a surf holiday to France?

It all depends on your level of experience. Most people come in the summer months, between late May and early October. Especially in June to September is good to do for novice surfers but also surfers with more experience can fun level surfing. Do you want really high surfing, for example in Hossegor? Then you want to look at months like April and October.