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Surf Holidays Morocco

The surf hotspot of Morocco is undoubtedly Taghazout. Surfing is possible here all year round and because there are so many different spots, you can always find the perfect wave. Add to that the pleasant climate, good food and friendly locals, why should you look any further for your next surf holiday!
In this article we describe the best spots in and around Taghazout so you are well prepared for your surf holiday!

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Region: Taghazout, Morocco 4.9/ 5 - 82 reviews

Blue Waves Tamraght

Best surf destination
Avg. 25 - 40 years old. (Min. 18)
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Based on 4 nights, incl. surfl lessons & meals
Errant warrant
Region: Agadir, Morocco 4.7/ 5 - 170 reviews

Blue Waves Anza

Surf camp just on the beach
Avg. 25 - 40 years old. (Min. 18)
All surf levels, incl. beginners
All year round (Minimum stay: 3 nights)
Transfers included
From € 235,- per person
Based on 4 nights, incl. surfl lessons & meals

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About surfing in Morocco

In the south-west of Morocco lies the surf capital of the country: Taghazout. This originally small fishing village has grown into a lively surfing town. Around Taghazout there are numerous surf spots, each with its own character and creative name. In the town, you will find many surf hostels, eateries and cosy bars. Even in winter, the temperature here is pleasant and a large part of life takes place outside. However, in the winter, the waves on most beaches are pretty big, attracting many professional surfers. But even as a beginner there are spots to be found where you can learn all the ins and outs of surfing.

The best surf spots of Morocco

Banana point

This spot is perfect for beginners as it is partly a beach break. The beach break is a fairly calm wave that is perfect for improving your surfing skills. There is also a right hand point break at this spot where intermediate surfers will enjoy the long wave. Keep in mind that there is a strong undercurrent if there is a large swell.


This spot is also very suitable for novice surfers and is special because it is a point break with a sand surface. Waves will never really get high, even during big swells and the spot works best during low tide.


This spot is quite a bit further north than Taghazout, but if you’re looking for a wave that can last up to 2 minutes, this is the place to be! This wave makes the place very popular among beginners and longboarders. It’s a bit of a walk back once you’ve surfed the wave to the end, but it’s well worth it. Add to that the friendly and easy going locals and you will soon understand why this is such a popular spot.


This spot is very sensitive to swells and you can also surf here on days when the waves are not so good elsewhere. Because of the beach break, this is also a spot that is very suitable for beginners. The best conditions are generally early in the morning. By the way, check the surf report for that day because when the waves are high, this is a spot that is more suitable for experienced surfers.

Anchor point

Slightly less suitable for beginners, but the most famous right-wing point break in Africa. This powerful wave is very consistent and attracts many visitors. When the waves exceed 2 meters, full concentration and perseverance is required because the wave displaces a lot of water and has a strong undertow. In addition, it is a reef break, which requires some experience.

I could go on with the spots, but let’s just stick with it for now. Also don’t forget that you get the best advice from the locals or employees of Surf houses. That way you can be sure that you are going to a spot that matches your wishes and surfing level.

What is the best time for surfing in Morocco?

Surfing in Morocco is possible all year round. In winter, the waves are at their highest, this is the time when the most experienced surfers travel to Morocco for surfing holidays.

Is Morocco suitable for beginner surfers?

Morocco is an excellent location for beginner surfers. The wide variety of surf spots ensures that there is always a surf spot suitable for your level of surfing.