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Surf Holidays The Netherlands

The Netherlands will not immediately come to mind when you think of good surf spots. However, this does not mean that they are not there. The Dutch coastline can, under the right conditions, offer waves for surfers of all levels. Unfortunately, this doesn't happen every day, but the Netherlands is definitely a surfing country!
In some places in Holland, it can get quite busy. It's not that surfers from all over the world come to Holland to surf, but the Dutch surf scene is getting bigger and bigger and if you're in Holland anyway, then let's surf, many think. We don't blame them at all! Here are some good surf spots in the Netherlands.

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About surfing in The Netherlands

In general, the Netherlands do not have the quality of waves that one finds along the Atlantic Ocean, for example, but that does not mean that there is not plenty of surfing possible at the many surf spots along the Dutch coast. An advantage of (learning to) surf in the Netherlands is that, especially in the summer, the waves are generally not very high. This makes Dutch surf spots very suitable for beginning surfers, especially children. The relatively low waves also make learning to surf in the Netherlands very safe. In short: a surf holiday in the Netherlands is a perfect introduction to surfing, especially for (families with) children.

The best surf spots of the Netherlands

As you can read, there are plenty of surf spots to be found in the Netherlands. You will need a wetsuit in the cold water of the North Sea, but once you surf the Dutch waves, it is more than worth it. And this certainly doesn’t have to spoil the fun.

Surfing in Scheveningen

Scheveningen is the Dutch surfing hotspot par excellence where you can find the best surfers in the Netherlands. We have to be honest, you are not guaranteed of good waves here, but when it is ‘on’, it is on! The best surf conditions are with a north or south westerly swell with no wind. With an offshore wind this spot works too, but with an onshore wind you get messy waves. Because this is the surf hotspot of the Netherlands, it can get pretty crowded with the right conditions, but nothing compared to the French coast in the middle of the summer. In Scheveningen, there are a number of spots where you can surf, the most famous being ‘De Pier’, ‘Zuid’ and ‘Noord’.


Surfing on Texel

Surfing without crowds in the water, with friendly locals and, with a bit of luck, some seals. Texel is one of the Wadden Islands and due to its favourable location often offers higher waves than in the rest of the country. The best surf conditions are found with a swell from the northwest where there is virtually no wind. There are several surf spots on the island, but the most popular are paal 17 and paal 9.

Surfing in Domburg

The place to be for surfing in the south of the Netherlands. Domburg is a very relaxed surf spot in Zeeland where the water always seems to be just a bit warmer than in the rest of the country. Especially in the summer it can feel a bit tropical here. In Domburg you will find a number of wooden poles in the water which create a number of sand banks. And that is exactly the reason why Domburg is regularly a very good surf spot.

Surfing in Wijk aan Zee

This spot is not as popular as Scheveningen but still belongs to the surf hotspots of the Netherlands. The sand banks at this spot are very favourable for the creation of nice waves. It is not for nothing that the locals call this spot Wijkiki, a reference to the famous surf spot Waikiki on Hawaii. Because of the favourable location in relation to Amsterdam and Haarlem, you will find more surfers in the water here than on average in the Netherlands, but it won’t be very busy!

Surfing in Zandvoort

In the summer, this spot is flooded with beach guests, but in the winter months it is an excellent surfing spot. Zandvoort is of course very easy to reach, with a train station close to the beach. But also the part of Zandvoort that lies more to the north (Bloemendaal Strand) is easy to reach by bus.

Is the Netherlands suitable for beginner surfers?

The Netherlands is certainly a suitable country to learn to surf. The waves don't often get very high, and you can find a large number of surf schools there,