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English and Surf in Cape Town

What's included in this trip?

Suitable for all language levels
Suitable for all surf levels
Avg. 20-30 years old. Min. 17
Avg. 8 students per class

Guest house or student residence
Transfer or own transport
Course begins on Monday's
This school is accredited


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Video Experience

A message from your host

Vanessa, School Manager

Learning English and surfing in Cape Town is the best way to begin your adventure in South Africa. You will learn English at a great language school, which is not far from the well-known Muizenberg beach. Stay with a host family or in one of the student houses, we are sure you will have the time of your life!
The school is located in Newlands, which is a few metro stops from the well-known Muizenberg surfer's beach. Cape Town is a truly top destination where you can go for English lessons all year round, in combination with surf lessons. The other students are very international so you're going to learn a lot about different cultures and backgrounds.

About English and Surf in Cape Town

Below you will read everything you would want to know about this surf + language program in Cape Town, South Africa. In case anything is unclear to you, feel free to reach out to us.

About Cape Town, South Africa

  • Cape Town: worldwide this city is seen as one of the most special travel destinations because of the endless possibilities the area has to offer. There is probably no city in the world where so much comes together: a bustling metropolis, beautiful nature, the endless Atlantic Ocean and a very diverse, tolerant population.
  • South Africa: this country has been a very popular holiday destination for years. Every year millions of tourists go to the southernmost country of Africa for the beautiful nature and special population. It is one of the most diverse countries in the world, where safaris, modern cities, mountains and endless beaches alternate.

About the language school

  • About the language school:  the language school in Cape Town consists of two medium-sized language schools, where personal attention to each customer is a core value of the business. The language school that we focus on is located in the green district of Newlands, because it has very good connections with Muizenberg, the surfing beach of Cape Town. In addition, a large number of activities are organized, which will introduce you to South African culture and your fellow students in a very fun way.
  • Accreditations & awards:  this language school is accredited by IALC , EAQUALS  and Education South Africa .
  • Starting dates: you can start the English lessons every Monday.
  • Public holidays 2020: Jan 01, Mar 21, Apr 10, Apr 13, May 01, Jun 16, Aug 10, Sep 16, Dec 25, Dec 26 (Jan 01 2021)

About the language lessons

  • English lesson: at this language school you can choose to do a part-time English course (20 hours) or full-time English (30 hours). Both courses are suitable for all language levels and in both programs you will work on your speaking, listening, reading and writing skills in an interactive way. This way you have a very complete program, which is given in a very nice way.
  • English + Surfing: when you choose the English + Surf program, you follow the English lessons in the morning, then you can surf in the afternoon. These surfing lessons are given in Muizenberg, the best location for beginning surfers in Cape Town, which is a few tram stops from the school and therefore easily accessible.
  • Level:  This language school can be visited for every level. Upon arrival you will take a test to determine your level. The teacher always makes sure that you follow lessons that suit your level best.

About the students

  • The students: you will improve your English in a truly international environment. This way you will not only learn a lot about the English language and South Africa, but you will also learn a lot about the countries and cultures of your fellow students during your stay.

About the surf lessons

  • Surf lessons : the surf lessons take place on the beach of Muizenberg, about 20 minutes by train from the language school. Muizenberg is widely seen as an excellent surf spot to truly learn to surf. The school can help you choose a surf school, but you certainly also have the freedom to go that way and choose a school of your choice.
  • Surfing material: apart from the surf lessons you will be able to rent a surfboard, but it is also possible to purchase a (second-hand) board. Both in the language school and outside there are also plenty of opportunities to get a surfboard.

About the surf conditions

  • The surfing lessons are given at different levels. The surf instructors will ensure that you get lessons at your level, even if you have never surfed you will learn this quickly.
  • If you are an experienced surfer, we recommend that you purchase a second-hand surfboard on location. The school can help you with this.


You can choose from 3 different types of accommodation. The arrival is on Sunday and on Saturday, after your last school day, you will leave the accommodation again.

  • Host family:  (minimum age 17 years) it is possible to stay with a host family. This is generally the best way to make as much progress as possible on your English language skills in a short period of time. Another big advantage is that two meals a day are served (breakfast and dinner) and you will have your own room.
    • If you travel together, you have the option of sharing a room, which provides you both with a discount.
  • On-site accommodation: (min. Age 18) the language school has a student house which is located directly next to the school. The rooms are shared and the house has a swimming pool.
  • Residence: 15 minutes away (by tram, 4 stops) is the student residence, where 20 students are staying. Here you will get your own room and the residence provides everything you need for a comfortable stay.

What is there to do?

  • Cape of Good Hope:  in the south of the peninsula on which Cape Town is located, you will find the Cape of Good Hope Nature Reserve. An incredibly beautiful nature reserve with endless views, hidden beaches and wildlife such as zebras, ostriches and baboons.
  • Table Mountain:  in the middle of the city you will find Table Mountain, which is on the UNESCO list of “7 natural wonders”. You can climb the table mountain by elevator or you can choose to climb the mountain. When you choose to climb Table Mountain, you can choose from a large number of different hikes, each with its own character, duration and difficulty.
  • Museums:  the long history and special cultures of Cape Town have led to the presence of many important museums in the city. Think of Robben Island, the Castle of Good Hope, the Slaves Lodge, The District 6 Museum, and much more.


You can find the location of the language school on the map below. Below you will find the best way(s) to get there.


  • Good Hope Studies – English Language School
  • 11 Mariendahl Ave
  • Newlands Cape Town, 7700
  • South Africa

How to get there?

  • From Cape Town airport you can easily travel to the city by bus.
  • It is also possible to book an airport transfer.

Practical information

  • Arrival: ideally you arrive on Sunday, but the school is very flexible with students arriving on other days. So arrival on Thursday, Friday or Saturday is certainly also possible, where you will then start the English classes on Monday.
  • Visa : for a stay of a maximum of 90 days a tourist visa is sufficient. There are no costs attached to this. This can be extended once for another 90 days.
  • Currency:  in South Africa people pay with the South African Rand.
  • PIN and credit card: in Cape Town you will find a large number of ATMs where you can use pin with a world pass (maestro) or credit card (Mastercard or Visa).
  • Vaccinations: for current information about vaccinations, see this page.
  • Wi-Fi:  Wi-Fi is available in the language school.

Basic packlist

In the welcome information you will receive more information about 'what to pack'. For now, we would like to inform you of the most important things:
  • Sunscreen
  • Swimsuit / Bikini
  • Bath towel & towel
  • Warm clothes
  • Some cash can always be useful

Price list

Below is the price list for English and Surf in Cape Town. We do our best to keep these prices as up-to-date as possible, but the actual prices may differ from the table below. Please fill in the booking form for a free and non-committal price overview for your desired surf + language trip.
Type of acco:
Engels (20)
1 week € 540,-
2 weeks € 965,-
3 weeks € 1.395,-
4 weeks € 1.790,-
5 weeks € 2.209,-
6 weeks € 2.619,-
7 weeks € 3.049,-
8 weeks € 3.457,-
4.5/ 5 - 50 reviews


English and Surf in Cape Town is rated with a 4.5 /5, based on 50 reviews. You can find up to 5 reviews below:

5/ 5

Ali Alhasani

Yes, I would recommend it, it is a school with high value teachers.

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5/ 5

Simon Zwiebel

I (27, Switzerland) was there for 2 months and it was great! The school is modern and clean. The teachers are experienced and helpful. The lessons are varied and exciting. Goo

choice of activities organised by the school. Highly recommended!

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5/ 5

Y__F__S 518

One of the best English language schools in Cape Town, I advise everyone to go there

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3/ 5

S i

Just tell the teachers to respect student's privacy .They compare systems , laws, religions between countries in a comic way .Also, some teachers give some students who looks

rich more attention than others just to have a gift. Other one just talks about her life all the time and leaves us in the class more 30 minutes to make copies in the morning and after break too and sometimes she watches comic videos in YouTube. I want to give names of these teachers but I don't find a place of complaints in your website.

Open full review(s)
1/ 5

Hussin Saleh

They are excellent in teaching and excellent, but very, very, very racist, racist in the sense of the word, prefers the Europeans greatly. I hope they stop the racism that we

re sitting in. We see it very much. This is not good in life. What is the difference between us and them in order to prefer racism?

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About the partner

This surf + langugage trip takes place at Good Hope Studies in Cape Town, South Africa.

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