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Spanish and Surf in Mexico

What's included in this trip?

Suitable for all language levels
Suitable for all surf levels
Avg. 20-30 years old. Min. 16
Avg. 1 - 2 students per class

Guest House or Apartments
School near airport
Course starts every Monday
This school is accredited


1 / 15
One of the apartments Mexico 2 / 15
3 / 15
4 / 15
Language class Puerto Escondido 5 / 15
Surfing in Puerto Escondido 6 / 15
The surf instructors Mexico 7 / 15
8 / 15
9 / 15
10 / 15
11 / 15
Student activities Mexico 12 / 15
13 / 15
14 / 15
Surf class at the beach Mexico 15 / 15


  • Top surf spot: Puerto Escondido, located on the Pacific Ocean on the west coast of Mexico, is considered one of the very best surf spots in the world.
  • Fun and small-scale language school: The language school where you take your Spanish lessons is relatively small and has a very personal atmosphere. This ensures that you get as much attention as possible from the professional teachers.
  • Great food: The region where Puerto Escondido is located is known for its excellent cuisine. Especially the local chocolate and coffee are very famous. You will not be short of anything!

Video Experience

A message from your host

Roger Ramires, Surf Pro and Owner

Learning Spanish and surfing in Mexico is genuinely something everyone should do if they are lucky enough. The language school in Puerto Escondido is small-scale and therefore very personal. They also have their own surf school, because surfing, that's what the region is known for. Immerse yourself in beautiful Mexican culture and experience the experience of your life.
At this surf spot, travelers from all over the world flock to gnarley waves of Oaxaca. Most are between 20 and 35 and are all looking for a good time socializing with other like minded surfers and the occasional tequila... you are in Mexico after all! At the language school you get personal lessons and in the afternoon you will go surfing. Sound like a perfect day doesn't it!

About Spanish and Surf in Mexico

Below you will read everything you would want to know about this surf + language program in Puerto Escondido, Mexico. In case anything is unclear to you, feel free to reach out to us.

About Puerto Escondido, Mexico

  • Puerto Escondido: the surf spot in Mexico was included as number 8 in 2013 in the list of best surf spots in the world by CNN. Every year there is also an important ‘big wave’ surfing competition here. Puerto Escondido is also a great place with great food, nice people and a very chill vibe.
  • Oaxaca: the state where Puerto Escondido is located, is known for its excellent cuisine. The local chocolate and coffee are especially world famous. You will certainly not lack anything here! In addition, there are also numerous sights in and around Puerto.
  • Mexico: a fantastic country with a rich history. Many pyramids can be found all over the country, most of them from the Mayan era. In addition, you have wonderful weather, beautiful beaches, good food and very friendly people. Furthermore, the country is also relatively cheap, and you have many tourists who visit the various highlights, especially in the south.

About the language school

  • The language school: the language school in Puerto Escondido is a small-scale language school where personal attention is considered very important. Unique to this language school is that this school has its own surf school. This surf school is run by a living legend in the Mexican surfing world: Roger Ramirez. The school is located in the center of the surfing town, within walking distance of the beach and not far from the airport; so easy.

About the language lessons

  • Spanish lessons: at the Spanish school in Puerto Escondido all lessons are given one-on-one. If you travel together, it is also possible to get lessons together. You can choose from the ‘Regular Package’, where you receive 1.5 hours of private lessons per day 5 days a week. You can also choose to follow the ‘Intensive’ Spanish lessons, where you follow private lessons 3 hours a day 5 days a week.
  • Spanish and surfing: it is quite possible to combine your Spanish lessons with surfing lessons. Every day (Mon.-Fri) you will receive a surfing lesson from the team of Roger Ramirez, a surfing great in Mexico. Your package includes transport to the best surf spots, surf equipment and photos during the surfing sessions.

About the students

  • Students: during your stay in Puerto Escondido you will stay in an international environment. This way you not only learn a lot about Mexico and the Spanish language, but you also learn about the different cultures of your fellow students.

About the surf lessons

  • Personal attention: just like with the Spanish lessons, surfing is very personal. You take surfing lessons with a maximum of 3 people in a group, which means that you will make very quick progress.
  • Surf  spots : it will also be determined per moment and per level which surf spot is most suitable at that time. The school’s pick-up truck takes you, including material, to various surf spots in the region.
  • Roger Ramirez: the team, led by Mexican surf legend Roger Ramirez has many years of experience in giving surf lessons at all different levels. All material is included, including shirts. You only have to put on your swimming trunks.

About the surf conditions

  • The surfing lessons are given at different levels. The surf instructors will ensure that you get lessons at your level, even if you have never surfed you will learn this quickly.
  • If you are an experienced surfer, we recommend that you purchase a second-hand surfboard on location.


  • Host family:  a stay with a host family is the ideal way to immerse yourself in the local culture. The big advantage is the language aspect, since only Spanish is spoken. Of course, the families are aware that the students who stay with them are (often) beginning Spanish speakers, so they can handle that well. In addition, you get 2 meals a day, so you can also enjoy eating (local) Oaxaquena. You get your own bedroom, and often there is also a private bathroom here.
  • Apartments:  the language school has two accommodations in which a number of apartments are located. Both accommodations are within walking distance of both the school and the center of Puerto Escondido. You will stay in a private apartment, which you can possibly share with a friend. All apartments have a private bathroom and cooking facilities are available, and drinking water is available. There is also WiFi that you can use for free. The complex is cleaned regularly. There is also a small gym, where special sport sessions are given to optimally prepare you for the surfing sessions.

What is there to do?

  • Sea turtles: Puerto Escondido is an important place for the beautiful sea turtles. You can see these special animals during an excursion from Puerto Escondido. This is a paid activity and can be booked on site.
  • Whales and dolphins: In addition to the sea turtles mentioned above, Puerto Escondido is an important place for whales and dolphins, which you can regularly come across here.
  • Mexican cuisine: eating in Mexico is an important ritual and it is an important part of Mexican culture. A cooking course is regularly organized from the language school in Puerto Escondido, so that you learn to prepare real Mexican food. This is a paid activity and can be booked on site.
  • Surprise activity: a “surprise activity” is organized every week, in which a fun activity with the whole group is central. This activity is included in the price.


You can find the location of the language school on the map below. Below you will find the best way(s) to get there.


  • Oasis Surf & Spanish School
  • Benito Juárez 6, Rinconada
  • 71980 Puerto Escondido
  • Mexico

How to get there?

  • From the plane of Puerto Escondido you can easily take a taxi to your accommodation. This ride takes no longer than 10/15 minutes.
  • You can also take a ‘collectivo’. If you mention the name of the language school you will be dropped off there.
  • Before arrival, the language school will also send you a message about how you can best arrive, which also always contains the latest news.

Practical information

  • Arrival: ideally you arrive on Sunday, but the school is very flexible with students arriving on other days. So arrival on Thursday, Friday or Saturday is certainly also possible, where you will then start the Spanish classes on Monday.
  • Visa : for a stay of a maximum of 90 days a tourist visa is sufficient. There are no costs attached to this. This can be extended once for another 90 days.
  • Currency:  Mexico pays with the Mexican Pesos, but the US dollar is also widely accepted.
  • PIN and credit card: in Puerto Escondido you will find a number of ATMs where you can pin with a world pass (maestro) or with a credit card (Mastercard or Visa).
  • Vaccinations: for current information about vaccinations, see this page.
  • Wi-Fi:  Wi-Fi is available in the language school.

Basic packlist

In the welcome information you will receive more information about 'what to pack'. For now, we would like to inform you of the most important things:
  • Identification
  • Insurance card / printed proof
  • Sunscreen (water-repellent)
  • Swimsuit / Bikini and a bath towel & towel
  • Warm clothes
  • A debit / credit card and some cash ($)

Price list

Below is the price list for Spanish and Surf in Mexico. We do our best to keep these prices as up-to-date as possible, but the actual prices may differ from the table below. Please fill in the booking form for a free and non-committal price overview for your desired surf + language trip.
Type of acco:
Spaans (7.5)
Verblijf naar keuze
Privé (1-2 pers.)
1 week € 379,-
2 weeks € 689,-
3 weeks € 998,-
4 weeks € 1279,-
5 weeks € 1585,-
6 weeks € 1885,-
7 weeks € 2195,-
8 weeks € 2495,-
4.4/ 5 - 85 reviews


Spanish and Surf in Mexico is rated with a 4.4 /5, based on 85 reviews. You can find up to 5 reviews below:

5/ 5

Alexander O.

I practiced with Juan today and it was a nice experience. Compared to other instructors he really introduced us into the rules of surfing and how to behave in the water. I rea

ly had a nice time. Even if the waves were not that big, Juan took more time to provide a good experience though. Really can recommend it.

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5/ 5

Edith Gonzalez

I booked a 2-week stay with surfing lessons at Oasis and had the best experience. I can't recommend Oasis enough if you're in Puerto Escondido. Oasis has it all: accommodation

surfing, yoga, spanish lessons, complimentary surf photos and photo analysis/ feedback. The surf instructors and staff at the reception are all super kind and friendly. I can't wait to be back, I highly recommend!

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5/ 5


If you are planning to go to Puerto Escondido to surf, learn Spanish, or do a bit of both, I would certainly recommend going to Oasis Surf and Spanish School. I just returned

from a 3 week visit. As anyone who has surfed before knows, it is a sport that depends upon many factors that are impossible to control (e.g., swell, wind, tide, lineups). However, given that there are several breaks in the Puerto Escondido area, Oasis maximized our surf sessions by bringing us to a variety area breaks (sometimes the ones in town, but on other occasions we would drive for 30 minutes to get to a good break for our level and ability). The instructors were very helpful and friendly. In addition, for those who sign up for the week long surf package there is also a weekly photo analysis session that is very helpful, as it allows you to see exactly what you are doing (yoga sessions are also included). I was primarily there for surfing, however, I also decided to take Spanish lessons and was happy that I did. Obviously in three weeks I only started the process, but it is a good way to at least start and it is certainly handy to know a bit of Spanish (e.g., greetings, numbers…).

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5/ 5

Sadie Robertson

I highly recommend both the surf school as well as the accommodation oasis provides! The community they create is really nice and has made my stay in Puerto Escondido really g

eat. I stayed for one night at La Barca surf house and it was clean, comfortable and relaxing. Surf instructors are friendly and very knowledgeable. I am getting better at surfing by the day!

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5/ 5

Tristan Winkler

I just came by and wanna to give it a shot. Everybody was friendly and make u feel very safe for surfing, water and the waves. It's like a little party with the guys and they

lways watch for a good wave even when they overtime. I must highlight Christopher here, he was my instructor and he did a awesome job and make me surf down the very first wave I catch. Thanks oasis and especially Christopher. Keep it up! Thx Tristan.

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About the partner

This surf + langugage trip takes place at Oasis Spanish and Surf in Puerto Escondido, Mexico.

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