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Spanish and Surf in Tamarindo

What's included in this trip?

Suitable for all language levels
Suitable for all surf levels
Avg. 20-30 years old. Min. 16
Avg. 6 students per class

Apartment or guest house
Transfer or own transport
Course starts every Monday
This school is accredited


1 / 15
Outdoor class Tamarindo 2 / 15
3 / 15
4 / 15
Student activity Costa Rica 5 / 15
Students in Tamarindo 6 / 15
7 / 15
The Spanish School Tamarindo 8 / 15
The language school 9 / 15
10 / 15
11 / 15
Surfing in Tamarindo 12 / 15
13 / 15
14 / 15
15 / 15


  • Great surfing: Tamarindo is regarded worldwide as one of the very best surfing spots at various levels. Every year, thousands of beginners and experienced surfers from all over the world flock to Tamarindo for its excellent surfing conditions.
  • Beautiful nature: Costa Rica is known for its beautiful and unspoiled nature. In this country you will find beautiful rainforests with an enormous diversity of flora and fauna.
  • Vibrant town: Tamarindo attracts many travellers from all over the world. This has created a vibrant nightlife with many restaurants, bars and discotheques.

Video Experience

A message from your host

Marcela, School Manager

Do you want to improve your Spanish and work on your surfing skills at the same time? Tamarindo in Costa Rica offers it all. The fact that this is one of the best surf spots in the world is just one of the reasons why you have to go here. The wonderful climate, the beautiful nature and the warm people are also good reasons to travel to Tamarindo.
SurfaWhile has an exclusive partnership with a language school in this beautiful country in Central America. At this language school you follow Spanish lessons between the palm trees, with lying around monkeys and special birds in the background. Are you ready for a very special adventure?

About Spanish and Surf in Tamarindo

Below you will read everything you would want to know about this surf + language program in Tamarindo, Costa Rica. In case anything is unclear to you, feel free to reach out to us.

About Tamarindo, Costa Rica

  • Tamarindo: Costa Rica has almost 1,300 kilometers of coastline, so plenty of places to surf. The film Endless Summer II made Costa Rica one of the world’s most famous surfing spots. Tamarindo is the first real surf spot in Costa Rica, and is considered one of the best surf spots worldwide.
  • Costa Rica: Learning Spanish in Costa Rica means learning Spanish in beautiful surroundings. More than 25% of all Costa Rican land is a protected nature reserve or reserve. The population of Costa Rica is also known as one of the happiest in the world.
  • Pura Vida: in Costa Rica everyone knows the saying “La Pura Vida” which means pure life. This is how the Costa Ricans live

About the language school

  • About the language school:  the language school in Tamarindo is a medium-sized language school that is located in the middle of beautiful Costa Rican nature. Moreover, this school is a stone’s throw from both the center of Tamarindo and the Pacific Ocean. In addition, a large number of activities are organized, so that you can get acquainted with the Costa Rican culture and your fellow students in a very nice way.
  • Accreditations & awards:  this language school is an official exam center for the DELE exams.

About the language lessons

  • Spanish course: in Tamarindo you get lessons at a Spanish language school founded in 1996. The classes are very international and you will also be taught in small groups. The lessons are suitable for students at all language levels, you will be divided into a group at your level. You will receive 20 Spanish lessons per week, with the focus on grammar, reading and writing. Naturally, communication skills, such as speaking and listening, are also discussed, for example during the activities and surfing lessons. For those who really want to learn Spanish, there is also the option to choose 30hrs Spanish lessons per week.
  • Spanish + Surf: in addition to the regular Spanish lessons you can choose surf lessons. These lessons are given at a reputable surf school. See the ‘Surf’ tab for an explanation of the different packages you can choose.
  • Starting dates:  it is possible to start Spanish classes every Monday, regardless of your level.

About the students

  • The students: you will learn Spanish in a truly international environment. This way you will not only learn a lot about the Spanish language and about Costa Rica, but you will also learn a lot about the countries and cultures of your fellow students during your stay.

About the surf lessons

  • Surf lesson: in addition to the Spanish lessons you can book a surf package for up to 4 weeks. All packages include material throughout the week
    • 1 week:  2 surf surfing lessons, 10 photos of the surfing sessions
    • 2 weeks:  3 group lessons, 10 photos of the surfing sessions
    • 3 weeks:  6 group lessons and a surf trip, 10 photos of the surfing sessions and video analysis
    • 4 weeks:  8 group lessons and a surf trip, 10 photos of the surfing sessions, video analysis and a rash guard
  • If you want to surf more, we recommend you to book one of the above packages and then check with the surf school what the possibilities are to get extra surf lessons.

Read more about Surfing in Tamarindo

About the surf conditions

  • The surfing lessons are given at different levels. The surf instructors will ensure that you get lessons at your level, even if you have never surfed you will learn this quickly.
  • If you are an experienced surfer, we recommend that you purchase a second-hand surfboard on location.


  • Student residences : the language school has three different residences which are a short distance from the language school and the beach. All houses have a number of common areas, including a kitchen and living room.
    • Casa el Mar: there are 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. There is also a beautiful garden. Most people share rooms (women / men separately) and there are lockers available. There is hot water and all rooms have a fan.
    • Casa Carolina:  this luxury option has a swimming pool in the garden. All rooms have 2 beds and a private bathroom. There is also A / C and there are fans.
    • Casa Wayra: this residence is located on the same site as the language school, and is therefore ideal for students who do not want to miss a moment of activities.
  • Host family:  a host family is ideal for working on your Spanish and getting in touch with the local community. All families are within 10km of the language school. You get a private room with mosquito net and fan. Breakfast and dinner is included. You will also be taken to the school every morning.

What is there to do?

  • Activities: you will certainly not be bored during your time in Tamarindo. Every month an activity schedule is published with the activities and excursions that are organized (both paid and free activities).
  • Nature: visit one of the beautiful national parks in the area. You will encounter several waterfalls, and the wildlife is also impressive. Have you ever seen crocodiles up close? Between October and February you have the chance to see the large sea turtles coming onto the beach. Tours are organized from the school, which are definitely worth it.

We wrote a full guide on Activities in Tamarindo.


You can find the location of the language school on the map below. Below you will find the best way(s) to get there.


  • Wayra Spanish Institute
  • Calle Este Tamarindo Guanacaste CR 50309
  • Calle Este Provincia de Guanacaste
  • Tamarindo
  • Costa Rica


How to get there?

  • Buses run to Tamarindo from the airports of San José and Liberia.
  • It is also possible to fly from San José with a local plane to Tamarindo
  • From Tamarindo you can easily take a taxi to your accommodation

From Liberia Airport you can order a shuttle to Tamarindo. This costs 40 USD if you are with at least 2 people and travel between 12:00 and 14:00 on Sunday afternoon. Otherwise you can grab a taxi yourself, which should be between 30 and 50 USD per car.

From San José you can take a public bus (ALFARO), which costs 10 USD. The departure times are 11:30 am and 3:30 pm and you must purchase a ticket for this yourself. If you sleep in one of the student houses, this is not an option, because you will not be at the school before 16:00 on Sundays (and the reception will be closed). An alternative is the Interbus, which runs a lot faster than the ALFARO. You can take this bus at 8:15 am so that you arrive in Tamarindo while the reception is still open. The price is around 60 USD.

Practical information

  • Arrival: ideally you arrive on Sunday, check-in: Sunday between 10:00 and 16:00, check-out: Sunday between 10:00 and 12:00. If you would like to arrive in Tamarindo one or two days earlier, that is usually not a problem.
  • Visa : for a stay of a maximum of 90 days a tourist visa is sufficient. There are no costs attached to this. This can be extended once for another 90 days.
  • Currency: in Costa Rica you pay with the US dollar or the Colon.
  • PIN and credit card: in Tamarindo you will find a number of ATMs where you can pin with a world pass (maestro) or with a credit card (Mastercard or Visa).
  • Vaccinations: for current information about vaccinations, see this page.
  • Wi-Fi:  Wi-Fi is available in the language school.

Basic packlist

In the welcome information you will receive more information about 'what to pack'. For now, we would like to inform you of the most important things:
  • Sunscreen
  • Swimsuit / Bikini
  • Bath towel & towel
  • Warm clothes
  • Some cash can always be useful

Price list

Below is the price list for Spanish and Surf in Tamarindo. We do our best to keep these prices as up-to-date as possible, but the actual prices may differ from the table below. Please fill in the booking form for a free and non-committal price overview for your desired surf + language trip.
Type of acco:
Spaans (20)
Casa el Mar
1 week € 525,-
2 weeks € 1.029,-
3 weeks € 1.513,-
4 weeks € 1.998,-
5 weeks € 2.479,-
6 weeks € 2.945,-
7 weeks € 3.425,-
8 weeks € 3.899,-
4.4/ 5 - 33 reviews


Spanish and Surf in Tamarindo is rated with a 4.4 /5, based on 33 reviews. You can find up to 5 reviews below:

5/ 5

Adriane Lau

We had an absolutely excellent experience with Wayra. First, they helped coordinate a babysitter for my younger children so myself and the older children could attend lessons

The boys (8 and 10) had a teacher who was energetic and adjusted to their needs (making paper airplanes when he could see the younger ones eyes glazing over). My teacher, Cinthia, was absolutely fabulous. We spent time of grammar, but also just time talking, which is always how I learn language the best. The location is also fabulous, right across from the beach and near most hotels in town. Very pretty campus, excellent experience.

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5/ 5

Joy Rus

We were all extremely impressed with Wayra school and all of their staff. While corresponding via email to reserve 2 weeks for our 5th grader, Marcela and Reto were generous w

th the promptness, thoroughness, and helpfulness in answering our many questions. We also booked a private shuttle from LIR to Tamarindo through them. Just as we were supposed to board our flight, it was delayed 2 hours, and I emailed Wayra to inform them, and Reto had deftly and quickly communicated to the shuttle company, so that when we finally arrived, our driver was waiting for us and drove us to our place without delay. On our first day, we arrived early and they greeted us kindly, started our child in her placement assessment, and allowed us to wait in a lovely space where we could soak in the flora and fauna. We were introduced to other parents as they arrived, and given a thorough presentation by Marcela, about what to expect and about their program. Our child enjoyed the lessons. She LOVED the headmistress, stating that she thought she set a good example for everyone. She liked working with Maestra Bernadette who exuded such enthusiasm and boisterousness for learning. She enjoyed learning with Maestra Viviana who was patient in answering questions. She talked about the dances they did, the fruit salad they made by each contributing a fruit, the games they played, while only speaking in spanish and learning alot. We learned that the teachers commute in from great distances, and our daughter had an incredible respect for their dedication and caring for each other and for the students. She noticed they celebrated a teacher's birthday during her first week there with cake and soda :) We enjoyed watching the howler monkeys hang out with their young, eating star fruit fresh off the nearby trees while the students were in their open air classrooms. The bathrooms and walkways were always meticulously attended to, and I felt safe leaving her everyday each morning with such peace of mind. For the first couple of days, we would swing by during break to enjoy free coffee while she would enjoy a snack, but then soon realized she had made so many friends that she preferred we didn't. The school would offer activities on Mon and Wed for families, including cooking, ping pong, and local trips. They also helped arrange more distant day trips on the weekends with third party companies, and facilitate access to options. We had been interested in an arribada tour, and though the timing didn't work out for us, they were willing to look into options for us and we were grateful. Finally, we ended up needing a shuttle transport last minute, and again, Reto to the rescue. He got it taken care for us in less then 12 hours, and all proceeded smoothly. Muchas gracias por todo, Wayra. We already miss you, and hope to see you again in the future.

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5/ 5


This is a well deserved 5 stars rating. This was my second time going to that school and I stayed for 6 weeks this time. The teachers meets every morning before classes to tal

about the students progress. If you take private class in addition to your regular class, the teachers will talk to each other during the break to communicate what to improve during your private class. They will adjust their teaching to your interest. They are the same teachers from my last visit 6 years ago. Some of them are from Santa Cruz which is about 1.5 hours away by bus. Their dedication to the school and long term employment of the teachers shows how the school management take care of their teachers. There is a lot of work happening in the back ground that students doesn't notice. Also the school is well maintain with full time cleaners and a maintenance guy. There are hammocks to relax when you need and free coffee at at breaks. The office have staffs that will arrange late afternoon free activities twice a week, arrange laundry services for you with no commission charge (you need to pay the laundry company tho) and help you with anything you need in a very polite and efficient way. Reading the other comments below, I don't feel the price were overcharged. Tamarindo is not a cheap place to be. In relation to the cost of living in Tamarindo, I find it very fair. The school has amazing houses where you can rent a room and I highly recommend it. The houses has daily cleaning service and well under prices for the area. I stayed for a week to a hostel accross the street after deciding to extend my stay and it cost me $100/day. It was the cheapest place to stay at the time and it was a small room and a shared bathroom with 6 other rooms. Casa Carolina has a maintained pool, secured lock gate, cameras... There is a 24/7 emergency number to the school. Thanks to the amazing Wayra team. I will see you again in my next holidays.

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4/ 5

Gina Ringhut

I was in the school for two weeks in June and it was great for learning Spanish! The teachers are very very friendly and helpful. The receptionist also helped me with every to

ic (regarding Interbus, Covidtest, Activities, …) which is really important, when being in a new country. There are lots of families, I would have preferred to have more young adults there. The activities from Mo-Fr have been more for kids, like playing PingPong, … The organized trips at the weekend where great, but also quite expensive. I shared my room in Casa Carolina with nice people around my age. The house is really nice, but the rules are also pretty strict. So all in all: for learning Spanish -> go to Wayra! But if you would like to have more fun, explore Coste Rica and get to know more people from all over the world, I would rather choose another school/hostel.

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2/ 5

Zach Larson

This school has a beautiful campus, incredibly friendly teachers, and an amazing location, but it is not worthy your money. Myself and 2 friends took classes for 2 weeks here.

We loved a lot of things here. Taking classes on their campus in the trees was awesome, we frequently saw monkeys and iguanas right outside our classroom. The teachers were also very friendly and patient. But the classes were also very unorganized. Myself and my two friends found ourselves consistently grouped with people not of our similar skill. I ended up repeating the exact same topics I covered in my first week during my second week because there was a younger student who joined our class. My friends also found themselves consistently moved down levels because of a lack of students at their level. It felt the classes were organized more for the convenience of the teachers rather than the benefit of student learning. Myself and my friends tried to different classes but we’re not allowed. Additionally because every class rotates to a new teacher next week it can feel that your growth and learning from one week to the next is consistently thrown off as the teachers would repeat or skip topics. While it was nice to interact with someone new, there wasn’t enough communication between the teachers do it felt like starting over each week. This is a great school but myself and my 2 friends found ourselves unsatisfied after the 2 weeks given the high price. If price is at all a concern for you, we suggest finding a different school more worth your money.

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This surf + langugage trip takes place at Wayra Spanish School in Tamarindo, Costa Rica.

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