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Surf the Mentawais

Surf Tales Indonesia

Surf the Mentawais

Dotted off the Western coast of Sumatra, the Mentawai islands are home to some of the worlds best waves. Ask any surfer and the Mentawai islands will definitely be at the top of their must surf list. Boasting year-round swell, awesome left and right-handers, warm water and some of the most beautiful views in the world the Mentawai islands has definitely become a surfers mecca.
While the Mentawais is a year-round destination, the most consistent surf season is between March – October/November which nicely ties into the dry season, with most of the rainfall being in January and February.
Getting to the Mentawais can often seem overwhelming and long, however with improved air travel and the ‘fast ferry’ guests can reach the islands in around 48 hours. The best way to reach the Mentawais is to get a flight to Kuala Lumpur, Singapore or Jakarta and then from there another flight to Padang, the gateway to the Mentawais! From Padang, travellers can get 1 of 3 ferries to reach paradise.
Errant is pleased to announce that we have recently expanded our partnerships in the Mentawais islands and now have boat charters on offer. Boat charters are awesome for groups of friends wanting their own space and to surf some of the best waves. These boat charters come fully catered and are available for 8 nights. Get in contact with the team for more information and a quote.

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