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Surfing Schools

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Surfing Schools

If you already have your ideal surfing holiday in mind, there are many ways that Errant can help you customize your exciting getaway to make it extraordinary. Each of the surfing holidays includes guided surfing help from a certified surfing coach.
For the more experienced surfers, you may need very little coaching or perhaps no coaching. Our guides are there to steer you towards the best waves and give you a few helpful tidbits.
Errant has a variety of surfing schools that you can easily include in any of your surfing holiday packages. The lessons will not only serve to improve and cultivate your surfing skills, but they can also act as a wonderful bonding time for those travelling in groups of 2 or more.
Those with experience but  are perhaps a bit rusty on the waves might like to try out a quick half-day or full-day lesson to ensure that they get the most enjoyment while out catching waves.
If you’re on a quick getaway but would like a little extra time with an Errant coach, then the full weekend course is an excellent option.
surfing schools
Longer vacationers or those who want to spend every second in the water can elect to join up with one of the full, week-long surfing schools. This is also a great option for large groups or families that want to enjoy learning and surfing together. One-on-one sessions with one of Errant’s surfing school coaches is a great fit for solo surfers or for surfers who really want to be able to focus all energy reaching whatever goal he or she may want to get out of the Errant surfing holiday. The smaller sessions all have one coach and can vary in class size from 1-3 students. Small groups are excellent for first timers and couples.
Errant surfing schools not only teach varying levels of travelers the elements of riding the perfect waves, but they also provide instructions for those wishing to become surfing coaches. As with the surfing school lessons for travelers, the surfing school for coaches offers several options depending on how much you want to take away from the experience.
You can do a simple two-week course and walk away as an ISA Level one coach and RLSS lifeguard. Or, you can choose the 12-week program that adds teaching experience, city trips and language lessons all included.
So come on, and let’s get started!

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