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Surf Guide: Surfing in Taghazout, Morocco

Surf Guide Morocco

Surf Guide: Surfing in Taghazout, Morocco

N: 30° 32′ 42.0288” W: 9° 42′ 31.0968”

The surfing hotspot of Morocco is without a doubt Taghazout. Surfing is good all year round and because there are so many different spots you can always find the perfect wave. Take the pleasant climate, good food and friendly locals, why look further for your next surfing holiday! In this article we describe the best spots in and around Taghazout so that you can go well prepared on your surfing holiday!

Surfing in Taghazout

In the southwest of Morocco lies the surfing capital of the country; Taghazout. This originally small fishing village has grown into a lively surfing town. There are plenty of surf spots around Taghazout, each with its own character and creative name. In the town you will find many surf hostels, restaurants and bars. The climate is also pleasant in the winter, which means that a large part of life here also takes place outside. However, the waves on most beaches are quite large in the winter, attracting many professional surfers. Even as a starting surfer there are spots where you can learn all the “ins and outs” of surfing.

– The surfspots of Taghazout –

In the photo above you see an overview of the famous surf spots around Taghazout. As you can see it is quite a list, but we will focus on the most popular spots, especially the ones best suited for beginners.

Surfspots in taghazout

Banana point

This spot is perfect for beginners as it is partly a beach break. The beach break is a fairly calm wave that is perfect to improve your surfing skills. There is also a right-hand point break at this spot where intermediate surfers will enjoy the long-lasting wave. Keep in mind that there is a strong undercurrent if there is a large swell.


This spot is also very suitable for beginning surfers and is special because it is a point break with a sand surface. The waves will never get really high, not even during large swells and the spot works best during low tide.


This spot is a bit more northerly than Taghazout, but if you are looking for a wave that can last up to 2 minutes, this is the place to be! Because of this particular wave the place is very popular with beginners and longboarders. It is quite a walk back if you have surfed the wave to the end, but this is definitely worth it. Take the friendly and easy going locals and you will soon understand why this is such a popular spot.


This spot is very sensitive to swells therefore, on days when the waves are low elsewhere you can surf well here. This is a spot that is very suitble for beginners because of the large beach beak. The best conditions are generally early in the morning. Check the surf report for that day because if the waves are high this is a spot that is more suitable for experienced surfers.

– Morocco’s Coast at its most beautiful –

Anchor point

Slightly less suitable for beginners, but the most famous right-wing point break in Africa. This powerful wave is very consistent, which attracts many visitors. If the waves exceed 2 meters, full concentration and perseverance are needed because the wave displaces an enormous amount of water and has a strong undercurrent. In addition, it is a reef break, where some experience is required.

I could continue with listing the endless surf spots of Taghazout, but let’s keep it here for now. Don’t forget that you get the best advice from the locals or employees of Surf houses. That way you know for sure that you are going to a spot that matches your wishes and surfing level.

If you want to know more about surfing in Taghazout, be sure to check out the Lapoint Surfhouse there!

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