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Surf tips for Beginners

Surf Tips General

Surf tips for Beginners

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In my eyes there are 5 key principle to surfing that will smoothen your ride to surf stardom. Stick to these rules and we are sure you will enjoy your first paddle out even more than you already will. See you in the waves!

5 Tips to Starting Surfing

  1. The scariest part is when your stood on the shore line.

    • Like most things, if you are nervous to surf then the anticipation is the killer feeling. Once your in the water things go more naturally then they feel in your mind or when your practicing how to pop on the beach. Things don’t feel as mechanical or reversed because you don’t have time to think step by step rather you just got to jump in and go for it.
  2. There are no sharks.

    • Obviously in the ocean there are sharks but the likely hood of you meeting one, especially in Europe is incredibly slim. Although Mick Fanning may beg to differ, sharks are friendly. Your not going to see one, your safe, just ride the waves man. Just keep in mind that if the locals are surfing, there won’t be any sharks.
  3. Don’t get lost in the technical.

    • In your first couple of paddles it is easy to over focus on trying to perfect your stance. Adjusting your feet a matter of millimetere is not going to stop you falling off, looking up and out to shore might though. Its much more about just getting used to the feeling of the board and getting out of your head.
  4. Back pain and sun burn are your biggest foes.

    • Its easy to assume that the most physically challenging element of surfing is when your stood up. In actuality it the constant paddling against the current to get to the swell. Do some stretches, yoga and incorporate some push ups into your workout routine (this will also help improve your pop up). Also, please put sun cream on the back of your legs, your essentially on a plank on a reflective surface.
  5. Don’t take to long popping up.

    • In this case, caution killed the cat. The shakiness of the board and the unfamiliarity of the experience can lead to trepidation in popping up. However you need to make sure your up before the wave dies out. Make it explosive then readjust your footing, don’t take to long trying to get your feet perfect before you stand. The worst that can happen it that you fall off.

Surfing Is so popular all across the globe because it is a social leveller. There is no sale of how bad you can’t surf. You either catch th wave or you don’t, and the vast majority of the time even the pro’s fail to catch the wave. You just only see when they make them. So get stuck in and enjoy it, get out of your head and I promise youll find your way. If you really want to learn all you have to do is stick with it and keep going to good surf camps & schools with qualified instructors. Far more unlikely people than you have learnt to surf. See you in the waves !

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