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Why Your Next Surf Trip Should Be A Boat Trip

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Why Your Next Surf Trip Should Be A Boat Trip

Ask any surfer about their bucket-list surf destinations and we would be willing to bet that at least 90% of them would feature the Maldives, and it’s easy to see why! It’s a picture-perfect tropical paradise with more waves than you can count and fewer crowds than Whitby in the depths of winter.
Given that 99% of the Maldives is ocean, why limit your trip to a small (albeit practically perfect) island, when you could spend day and night out in the ocean hunting down the very best waves. Here are just a few reasons why your next surf trip should be a boat trip
Surf Boats are for Everyone!
Surf boats come in all shapes and sizes from small and ‘cosy’ 4-bed Catamarans up to 100+ft luxury floating hotels with their own jacuzzi and Helipad. Get a big group together and have your own private charter, or book a room and make a new surf crew all there for the same reason.
Those who are trying to convince their non-surfing friends and family that a surf boat charter is a holiday for everyone, Good News! You are absolutely right. Besides the endless waves to be found, the waters are teeming with exotic and colourful fish. Dock the boat near an uninhabited tropical island and spend the day exploring, have a BBQ, build some sandcastles and snorkelling in the shallows, looking for whales and dolphins, or just sit back on the deck sipping your drink of choice.
Pro-Level chargers, lazy longboard cruisers, and non-surfers alike can all join in the experience of a Maldives surf boat charter. While it is not recommended to jump in the water with the rest of group if you are still learning the ropes (as with any reef breaks), the almost mechanical consistency of the waves in the Maldives makes it one of the best places to improve and work on your all aspects of your surfing!
Most boat charters are equipped with at least one support Dhoni, a traditional Maldivian boat designed to get in, out, and around the reefs and shallow waters and get you as close to the lineup as possible. These dhoni’s mean that even if your group can’t decide on where to surf, you can split up between the boats and head for different spots before meeting back on the boat to brag about your waves.
Personal Surf Guides
These people are the unsung heroes of surf charters in the Maldives, the swell, wind and surf forecasts can often be inaccurate and unpredictable, well not with your very own surf guide! The guides are often local surfers and watermen that know the string of atolls like the back of their hands. Wake up and have a chat with your surf guide to see what the wind and swell are doing that day, discuss what kind of waves you are after if you want to push yourself or just find some mellow(ish) rides. These are the ones that are going to take you to the perfect wave you’ve been dreaming about the night before!
Choose Your Own Schedule
The Maldives are big! So big that surf charters are run on schedules to different areas, these being the Northern Atolls, Male Atolls, Central Atolls and the Southern Atolls. Each region has its own characteristics, this gives you the advantage of being able to plan your trip around what kind of waves you want to surf.
The Northern Atolls is the Maldives’ only UNESCO biosphere reserve and offers up some spectacular nature and scenery and far away from the crowds. The waves here can be slightly less consistent than the other regions but far up into the Northern Atolls, you could go your whole trip without needing to share a wave!
The Male Atolls is the region closest to the capital city and international airport of Male, it also boasts the highest frequency of quality breaks in a relatively small area. Although with all the great waves it does mean this region tends to be the busier of the four.
The Central Atolls potentially has the largest choice of breaks. Southwest, south and southeast facing reefs give you the opportunity to score some world-class waves in a variety of different conditions, generally amongst fewer crowds than around Male.
The Southern Atolls are for the explorers! Down here there is every chance you will find a whole host of previously un-surfed waves, secret surf spots and empty lineups! Unprotected from the open-ocean swells on all but one side the waves down here can hold some serious size, so it’s wise to pack some extra boards and leg ropes…just in case.
For more information on The Maldives and Surf Charters get in touch with us here at Errant and start planning the trip of a lifetime (until the next one).

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