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Surf and Yoga Holidays are becoming more popular than ever. And we know why, as it's the best possible way to combine two amazing practises for your physical and mental health. Check out the options, we've got you covered.
There are numerous holidays that mainly focus on the surf with some yoga on the side, but you can also book a yoga holiday which gives surfing - or just the surf lifestyle - as an option. We've got to say that this combination between yoga and surf is a rather good one, as it's an amazing way to give your muscles some relaxation after the heavy endeavors of the surfing. And whether you want a surf and yoga holiday in France, Portugal, Spain or elsewhere, Errant Surf has the best option for you.

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More information about Surf and Yoga Holidays

Surf and Yoga is a combination that is extremely popular these days and we know why. Imagine to be doing an amazing sunset surf session and an hour later you are completely knackered. What’s better than a bit of stretching during an amazing relaxing yoga session. Or in case you’d prefer a structured 5 or 6 day programme filled with yoga classes with potentially some surf on the side, it’s all possible. And that yoga and surf go well together has been proven several times. We’d happily share already some yoga positions with you, or in other words: Surf Yoga Poses.

Surf and yoga holidays – finding your balance

The aim for most people to combine their surf holidays with yoga is finding a balance. This could be both or either physical and mental. It’s amazing to be in a group with people all doing the same thing but potentially following very different reasons. That’s, if you’d ask us, one of the most amazing things that make surf and yoga holidays such amazing. It’s clear that both yoga and surf have benefits. Just think of flexibility, breathing, (finding your) balance and injury prevention. And there’s much more.

Over the years we’ve met many people that, independently, have told us that – whether it was surf, yoga or a combination of the two – litteraly have helped them in finding their balance. This could be the actual or physical balance but it could also well be the mental balance. Both of these worlds are new to most people and, even more important, in many cases completely different to the conditions they normally are surrounded with.

Where to go for your surf and yoga holidays

In case you do know what you want but not sure where to go, there are a couple of things to take into account. We have our general overview with surf holidays where there are a lot of surf holidays not particularly involving the yoga. However, the overview you are looking at right now all include yoga. The answer to the question where to go depends on numerous things. What is the main aim for your trip, do you want to focus mainly on the surf or yoga during your holidays and in case you are planning to go surfing during your trip, what is your level?

You can always contact us, asking for the best option. You can also choose one of the great surf holidays for beginners, for example in the North of Spain. The Surf Camp in Oyambre is a great option, as it also has many options to practise yoga. There are also several great options in countries like France, Portugal or Morocco but also when flying across the Atlantic or traveling to Asia – e.g. Sri Lanka or Bali – you are likely to find many amazing accommodtaions where you can well practice surf and yoga with the aim of finding your balance.

To conclude, one of the most mesmerizing spots where we’ve ever got to witness yoga classes, at a surf camp, was in Portugal. In the beautiful Alentejo (south of Lisbon), overlooking the beautiful cliffs and the clear blue waters of Praia da Galé, you will encounter this one-of-a-kind luxury surf camp with amazing yoga possibilities.