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Amber is surfing and making friends at Dreamsea in Moliets

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Amber is surfing and making friends at Dreamsea in Moliets

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After a busy and overwhelming school year, it was time for Amber (19) to go on a surfing holiday. We spoke briefly about her experiences at the Dreamsea surfcamp in Moliets, which she booked through SurfaWhile.

You have chosen Dreamsea surfcamp in Moliets, is your expectation of the camp and the people correct?

Yes, very much so! Of course I had already formed an image in my mind about what the holiday, the camp and the people would be like. Here and there were some small unexpected issues, but they are there with every vacation. The camp itself did not provide clear information about the check-in times, so we were only able to enter the tent late. I thought that was a pity about Dreamsea. The food was also different than expected, but in a positive way! There is so much choice at breakfast and the evening meals are super tasty. Which also takes dietary requirements into account. You are staying at a campsite so the expectation of the food is not very high, so this was a pleasant surprise. The food also made up for the long wait at the tent.

The dreamsea surf camp
How do you experience surfing here?

That is all very well arranged. The waves are perfect for learning to surf, not too high but certainly not low either! The lessons are given very professionally, with a strong focus on safety, which I personally find very pleasant. They also go into the water and give tips while you are busy, so you can master surfing a lot faster than I expected.

After surfing such a long day you will be hungry, how do you like the meals?

Like I said the food is really super here. You eat something different every day and it never disappoints. For breakfast there is a buffet with plenty of choice, including fresh fruit, sandwiches, yogurt and cereals. There are a lot of people, so you sometimes have to wait a while to eat, but that doesn’t matter. I only miss the humus at breakfast so I get a 9.5, but with humus a big 10!

The food at Dreamse
Apart from surfing, how do you think the organization ensures that you have a good time?

Yes definitely. We have just had 2 days with a red flag hanging on the stand, unfortunately we cannot surf. You do get the opportunity to take theory lessons or watch a surf movie here. A slip & slide has also been made, this is a plastic sheet on a slope with soap and water. Take a run and slide! This is all arranged by the staff to ensure that we still have a good time if we cannot surf. Throughout the day there are games that you can do and you have the opportunity to try different sports.

What do you think of the atmosphere at the camp? Are there nice people and what is the staff like?

Yes that is also great again. I came with the surf bus from the Netherlands where you already get to know people on the bus. This is what I also like the most. But if you want you can go home with 100 new friends, everyone is super friendly and open. this first of all makes it very easy to get to know people, but also just fun. The staff is very helpful and also mixes nicely with the group. Both the visitors and the staff come from all over the world, I personally like this international character of the surf camp.

You indicate that you came with the surf bus, how did you experience that?

It is a very easy and cheap way to get to the surf camp. The information we received was very clear. And you don’t have to think about anything anymore, so perfect! Well it is true that it takes a very long time. But with the car this had been the case. The times when the buses go are fine, just a pity that we could not enter the tents on arrival.

The tents at Dreamsea .
What do you think of the tents and beds at the camp?

The tents are really super, nice and spacious and there is even electricity in the tent! I share my tent with another girl and there could have been a 3rd one, because there is plenty of space. The beds are also great. It is really nice to arrive in the tent with beds made, which are also very good!

Why did you choose SurfaWhile to book?

The great thing about SurfaWhile is that it is very user-friendly, the website for booking is clear and well-arranged. This makes it super easy and fast to book a nice holiday. In addition, I found it very nice that they use a personal approach. After booking the vacation, I immediately received a message asking if they could offer further assistance. This already ensures that there is more confidence in the company, the camp and the holiday.

To conclude, Amber tells us that she is already busy looking at the 2020 data. Because it seems that she wants to go surfing again next summer! If you want to know more about this surf camp, check out our page about Dreamsea surf camp in Moliets.

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