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By The Ocean We Unite

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By The Ocean We Unite

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In just more than a week, on September 23 the premiere of the film ‘An Ocean Story’ will take place in Tuschinski in Amsterdam. For SurfaWhile this was an excellent reason to get to know more about the organization behind the film; By The Ocean We Unite. Besides the fact that it was very useful and fun to hear their story, we will certainly regard the options of, in the near future, how we can support their organization.

An Ocean Story

I spoke to Karl from BTOWU and he is one of the co-founders of the organization. In addition to Karl’s commitment to the various areas where the organization is active, he is also expedition leader. BTOWU regularly does expeditions to gain more insight into the pollution of the oceans on this globe. Research into the different types of plastic that can be found in certain waters helps them to get a good idea of what the (plastic) problem is. It’s a long way to get all oceans clean, but every effort can make a difference.

The film An Ocean Story originated from a visit to the World Ocean Summit about 2 years ago. World leaders and other influential people in the field of sustainable use of our oceans were present here. After talking to many people, BTOWU decided to make a film. And this resulted in a trip to Mexico. For more information about this documentary check out the article about the premire of the movie in Amsterdam.

A trip to Mexico

“We then went to Mexico with a team to do research there, talk to locals and witness with our own eyes what the pollution of the ocean in that country looked like exactly. And this turned out to extend much further than just the plastic pollution. Here we saw very clearly how the seas suffered from climate change. The coral was literally dying and that was truly sad to see. ”

This journey was the start of the film and BTOWU really hopes to be able to reach more people. The more people become aware of pollution, the plastic problem and climate change, the better the problems can be tackled. People do not always realize that they themselves can make a difference.

The premiere of the film is on Monday evening, September 23 in Amsterdam. A few tickets are still available. For more information, see the An Ocean Story website.

Activities By The Ocean We Unite

It was not immediately easy to get hold of Karl. He was busy with a beach clean-up both on Thursday afternoon and on Friday morning. BTOWU organizes this for groups of both university students and high school students, companies and everyone who is interested in this. Beach clean-ups are popular and these are of vital importance. In addition to ensuring that a certain part of the earth (a beach, a part of a city, a forest or whatever location) becomes clean, a lot of people get in touch with the actual problem. They can see it with their own eyes. If BTOWU organizes a beach clean-up for a group of school children, there will be a lot of kids among them who were not aware of the size of the problem. The activity can really ensure that these kids also become aware of the problem, as well as the fact that they can also do something about it themselves.

In addition to beach clean-ups, BTOWU also provides information, for example for groups of schools or companies. They also do a number of expeditions, both mini-expeditions (within the Netherlands, usually day-trips) and larger expeditions. The major expeditions in particular are used to actively conduct research in the various waters of this world. In recent years, there have been expeditions to France, Denmark, Norway and Scotland, among others.


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