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The Surf of Sri Lanka

Surf Guide Sri Lanka

The Surf of Sri Lanka

N 7.290572, W 80.633728

Introducing: Surf in Sri Lanka.

Hi everyone, its nice to talk to you again ! This is the third installation of these Surf Reports, if you haven’t already please go check out my posts on Bali and Fiji. 

Before I begin telling you how wonderful Sri Lanka is I must confess a home truth that I am by no means an authority on surfing, yet. This wonderful trip however, helps me getting closer to my goal of becoming more and more experienced in this amazing sport. During my trip of surfing across the entire world, SurfaWhile has helped me with finding some locations and accommodations, which also occurred for my trip here in Sri Lanka. While we are speaking plainly I would also like to admit that I am by no means well versed in travel writing so please bear with me as I do my best to do justice to this incredible country. To the people who call it home: Bohoma Istuti.

Please check out our page to see Sri Lanka for yourself.

So far on these spotlights I’ve told you about my first attempts at surfing in Bali and Fiji. Now I’m stopping in Sri Lanka on my last layover in Asia before Central America becomes the next backdrop to my surfing journey. Kandy is a major city located in Sri Lanka’s Central region . The mist that rolls in over the hills of the Kandy Plateau create a feeling that the 14th century hustle and bustle of this once prestigious capital is still present in the city today. Kandy became the epicentre of the Sri Lankan political and religious worlds housing the political capital and the Buddhist sanctuary Sri Dalada Maligawa. The lineage of the days of the ancient kings and the countries abundance of tea plantations has established a cultural identity that the locals take great pride in.

The journey between Kandy and Nuwara Eliya is a popular route that has made this area a colony for ever curious travellers. In unified agreement me and my compatriots had decided to avoid the neon glow of bars whose USP appeared to be there terrific exchange rate on Rupee to Jagerbombs.

Montanita beach sunset

Lions Rock: A Wonder of The World.

After a quick flick through Lonely Planet we headed to Lions Rock: ‘The 8th wonder of the world’. Although I have never been to the Taj Mahal or the Grand Canyon I know a fact you cannot have a few cold ones  around a campfire while you wait for your wetsuits dry. All though like I said  I am by no means an expert. Next stop on the itinerary was the spice gardens infamous for natural remedies that are rumoured to cure thee ailments and aches of weary surfers. Never being one to trust  rumour I had to find out for myself. Food would have to wait for there were creams and oils to be bought!

The Railway to Haputale.

The next morning we boarded an old railway carriage  that would take us out through the tea plantations toward Haputale and the inviting calls of the White Monkey Guest House.  The ramshackle cabins gave us the perfect view to watch Sri Lanka slowly pass by as the breeze of the open doors blew through. Fruit and vegetable sellers glided through the carriage as they shouted over the rumble of iron wheels on steel tracks. The driving force in our decision to head out of the Kandy region was because of a trusted source told us that the best surf was in Arrugam Bay.

With High ambitions we paddled out to the swells of the brink of the bay and settled in for a long days surf. The waves were perfect for me as my eagerness continues to dwarf my skill level. However, I can whole heartedly say that I’ve never enjoyed a day in the water more in my life. The beaches remained silent and still while scenes off shore persisted in its perfection. The oils previously acquired on my assured path to the surfing hall of fame proved to be a perfect compliment to the quick Aurverdic massage available on every corner.

Surfen in een prachtige omgeving

The Surf of Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka is a definitely not a country you want to see through the idle perspective of a tinted car window. Surfing and Train remain the two greatest and most endorsed forms of travel in this little path of Eden. Tuk-Tuk will also prove handy in navigating the crosshatched streets of Haputale and provides guaranteed laughter and adrenalin no matter who the passenger is.  As for Sri Lankan food, I can highly recommend a healthy portion of Kottu served after morning yoga on the panoramic roof of the White Monkey. Fresh chillies, limes, traditionally seasoned meet in oven baked Roti flat bread is an unbeatable start to the day.

Sri Lanka is a treasure trove of natural beauty, artistic expression and breathtakingly generous people. At the time of publication Sri Lanka is undergoing a massive censorship issue of state imposed curfews and internet restrictions as a response to an unprecedented terrorist attack in May of 2019. The country and its residents are reeling from the nasty scar of hatred and cruelty that has been left on the face of a friendly people. I would be doing a disservice to a country that truly welcomed me if I did not urge you in the strongest way to keep going to Sri Lanka. Less damage is done if people continue to Sri Lanka for what it truly is. It is a place of unparalleled waves and a colourful culture, but them again what do I know I’m hardly an expert.

Please check out our page to see Sri Lanka for yourself. Thanks, The SurfaWhile Team.

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