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Surf Guide: Surfing in Caparica, Portugal

Surf Guide Portugal

Surf Guide: Surfing in Caparica, Portugal

N 38° 38′ 40.49″  W -9° 14′ 8.02″

About 10 kilometers south of Lisbon you will find Caparica, one of the best spots in Portugal for surfing. In and around Caparica there are numerous surf spots, so you can go to a beach every day with the ideal conditions for your level. In addition, you will also find a fantastic climate here with many hours of sunshine, a very friendly population and beautiful nature. Everything you need for a great surfing holiday!

Surfing in Caparica

Caparica has a few different spots, most of them on the same beach. This beach is 30 km long and is subdivided with 7 piers of rocks pretruding into the water. The rocks are not without reason, they ensure that the sand stays under water so that the waves are consistent throughout the season. You will find most surfers on the beach around the town of Caparica, but if you drive a few kilometers to the north or south it will be a lot quieter.

The waves are suitable all year round for people with a little or even no experience at all. It is a spot that is very suitable for learning to surf. Due to the piers that divide the beach into 7 sections, the waves are slightly different everywhere. This ensures that the perfect spot for your level is always available.

The sunset in Caparica 

Surfing in Tarquínio

This spot is located in the middle of the 7 piers and is one of the busier parts of the 30 km long beach. Here most surfing lessons are given as the waves are not too high, which makes it a great spot to learn how to surf. From the beach you can also walk into the town where you can find numerous restaurants and bars. Perfect to recover after a long day of surfing.

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Surfing in Fonte da Telha

This beach is very similar to Tarquíno in terms of wave intensity. What makes the difference is that this spot is outside the piers. The beach is therefore less protected against the waves, which means that on those days when the waves are not that high, you can still surf at this spot. It is a lot more southerly than Caparica, so you’ll need a car to visit the spot.

Surfing in  São João

This spot is a little bit north of Caparica. This stretch of beach is one and a half kilometers long with a pier going into the sea at both ends. This beach is therefore reasonably sheltered from the high waves, but less so than, for example, Tarquínio because the beach there is not that long. This beach is a true sports mecca, on the lively promenade you can see people surfing, skateboarding, cycling, jogging and using the free outdoor gym. So there is plenty too do!

Surfing in Caparica

Surfing around Lisbon: Carcavelos

This spot is actually closer to Lisbon than Caparica, but that is precisely why Carcavelos belongs on this list! It is one of the most popular Beach breaks in Portugal, between September and May. During these months the waves are the best and there are even barrels. The beach is also easily accessible by public transport, from the train station it is a short 10 minute walk. Every year in October the Billabong Pro event is organized here, attracting the best surfers in the world. A must see if you are in Caparica in October.

As you read, it is no coincidence that Caparica is a popular surfing destination. If it seems to you something to go here, you can still do it this fall. We recommend Gota d’Agua Surf House. Here you can enjoy an unparalleled surfing experience!

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