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SurfaWhile Sustainable: An Ocean Story Film Premiere

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SurfaWhile Sustainable: An Ocean Story Film Premiere

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On Monday the 23rd of September, representatives of the environmental activism community gathered at the Tuschinski Theatre in Amsterdam. 600 people were in attendance to see a new film produced by NGO and non profit organisation: By the Ocean We Unite. The movie, An Ocean Story, aimed to educate its viewers about the tangible effects of plastic pollution, climate change, over fishing and reef destruction. It was an incredible night for the charity and for the future of the oceans due to the quantity of people that showed up to support !

By The Ocean We Unite Presents: An Ocean Story

This documentary follows film maker Sander Van Weert and his team at BTOWU as they travel to the World Ocean Summit 2018. The summit was held in Mexico as a way to engage the sustainability reps of big companies with the environmental community. Representatives from Adidas, Dopper and Mars were in attendance as well as the president’s of Iceland and Mexico.  Sander and his team interviewed all of these political players to find out what exactly they were planning on doing to save our fragile and rapidly decaying aquatic ecosystem.

I do not wish to give away too much about the contents of the movie as it is imperative that you go and see it for yourselves! However what i can say is that it was a call to action for urgent response to an accelerating climate crisis. This message was conveyed through beautiful underwater cinematography that showed the rapid bleaching of Mexico’s coral reefs. 40% of the worlds coral reefs have already been lost with the most damage being done in the last few years. The fight now is to preserve the last 10% in order to grow populations back through reef reconstruction.

The movie showcased a plethora of helpful and ocean saving advise that we can all implement in our daily lives. Examples such as eliminating single use plastics, avoiding air travel and supporting eco-tourism companies were all rationally explained. An Ocean story was a perfect balance of educational and dramatic, this explains why it has been added to the Pathe education program for small children. This will allow the next generation to learn and become aware from a very young age, an achievement that can not be underestimated.

 The Premier

The movie is clearly made for those who depend on the ocean for their survival as it features some very personal stories of people’s who’s lives are irreversibly changed as a result. It was an incredibly powerful experience and it was certainly received well by the audience. During the Q&A that followed a member of the audience asked the panel who their dream viewer for the production was.

In response Thomas Van Thiel, one of the narrators for the movie, answered ‘I would love for the Dutch Tweede Kamer to see this and learn from it’. To the surprise of the audience a member of the crowd responded. He was a member of parliament and had volunteered to arrange a screening of, what he deemed ‘this wonderful movie’, for all of his colleagues in parliament.

– Thomas of SurfaWhile ready to see the project-

This film therefore is already making an impression on the highest echelons of bureaucracy. The famous Plastic Soup Surfer was in attendance to support the project, demonstrating the importance of the movie for all oceanic activists in the Netherlands.  We at SurfaWhile will continue to support this project and all projects made by BTOWU as their dedication to the cause is extremely inspiring. Please go check out the movie as soon as you can, show it to your friends, kids or co-workers. With a story as crucial as this is so important that we get as many people as we can to see it and learn from it.

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