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Why are surf holidays in Europe so popular ?

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Why are surf holidays in Europe so popular ?

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In recent years, the interest in European surf holidays has grown at a dramatic rate. This is not for no reason as some of Europe’s hidden surfing gems have been unearthed. For decades, Europeans have looked jealously at the likes of Australia, Bali and America because of there infamy as surfing hot spots. Whilst these countries are inarguably the most popular surf destinations in the world, in reality you do not have to travel so far from home to catch a perfect wave at a beautiful location. Europe offers some of the most exciting and stunning locations to learn and develop your surfing while immersed in ancient cultures and landscapes. Those of us who live far removed from the ocean no longer have to day dream about one day surfing in California. We can now travel to an array of European cities within a day at a much cheaper price then traditional surf holidays. Here is why Europe is becoming so popular amongst surfer’s.

Surfing Europe

1. Its so easy to get everywhere!

Did you know its a 6 hour flight to get from one side of Australia to another. So if your a surfer in Sydney and you want to go to Perth then you have to take an incredibly expensive and long flight to do so. You could cross the whole continent of Europe in this time yet we still perceive Australia or the US as being the most obvious surf destinations. Instead, you can easily get an unlimited amount of trains across Europe on an Inter-Railing pass for the same price as one long hall flight, and you have a whole month to do so. Not to mention this option is a much easier way to have an environmentally friendly surf trip.  

Similarly, you can get the Bus to a lot of European surf camps in France, Spain and Italy. A lot of surf camps will organize you pick up point for you, or Surfawhile can book you onto one with ease. If you are travelling to Moliets , then you can grab a bus from Amsterdam central and be round your campfire the same day.

2. The Waves are Crazy

The WSL has always been aware of the perfect waves lurking off the coast of some major European hotspots. The likes of Nazare have brought a level of prestige to the beaches of Portugal as being THE place to see the biggest waves on the planet. However, if big wave surfing isn’t for you then the likes of Peniche or Peurto Escondido have captivated the imgainations of beginner surfers all across the globe. The WSL’S Rip Curl Pro is held in Peniche every year so if you are a European then you can still see a major part of the tour without leaving the continent.

In my opinion, the waves in Europe can often be better and less intimidating for beginners. In general Europe hasn’t been exposed to surfing as long as the rest of the world so there is no weird looks at anyone trying to learn no matter the age. Whilst this unfortunately means there are not many European’s in the WSL tour but it does mean the beginner and intermediate group is alive and thriving.

3.The Vibe is Just Different

– The Beaches of Biarritz –

Whether you in a quaint pub in the small country towns of Cornwall, UK or your sipping wine after a long day shredding the waves of Biarritz, it just feels different. You will really notice a difference in the atmosphere, culture, attitude to surfing and swells in every region you visit. Instead of spending a fortune on one big surf trip you could do a few smaller ones to places which the only similarity is the fact they have water and sand.

I really hope you decide to join the massive amounts of people turning to there closest European surfing hub. Its cheaper, its more environmentally friendly and there are a million quality places to choose from. What’s not to love ! Have a look here to find a few.

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