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The Weekly Surftrip in Montañita

Surf Experiences Ecuador

The Weekly Surftrip in Montañita

N 0° 1′ 43.8204” W 80° 5′ 36.9492”

Every 2 weeks the Montañita language school organizes a surf trip, one of the highlights of everyone’s stay. During my stay in Montañíta I was lucky enough to be able to go on such a surf trip. Together with 23 others we went with 2 vans to a nearby beach, Las Tunas. This beautiful beach was wonderfully quiet, we had it all to ourselves even on a saturday!

The surftrip from Montañita

The recipe of the day was ideal for everyone; you could surf, chill, eat and do beach games. For example, there were volleyball and football, and of course around 20 surfboards. Around half past ten we arrived, a group started playing football on the empty beach straight away. A little later the surfboards also arrived and most of the people jumped straight into the water. The great thing about this trip is that you can decide for yourself what to do. On the schedule is an arrival and departure time and only a lunch. The remaining time is up to you. For many, this is a nice change from the Spanish lessons.

SurfaWhile Surfgirls

The lunch served at Restaurante de Jimny followed at 13:00. Everyone’s order was already taken, so you knew exactly what was waiting for you. These meals were certainly something to look forward to, with delicious meat, fresh fish and tasty vegetarian dishes, all from Ecuadorian cuisine. The dessert was also delicious.

After lunch everyone had to take a break, but soon most of them had found their surfboard again and went looking for the waves. The conditions were good, although there was a light current, everyone managed to catch a few good waves. Where initially half past three was set as the target time for the return trip, people finally started stacking up the surfboards again at 5 o’clock in order to then all go back to Montañita. Everyone refreshed themselves here, after which they gathered in the cabañas for a few drinks and a lot of fun.

Ana and Flavia in Montañitahe nice thing about this day was the fact that you are free; you can literally do whatever you want. You often come across people you don’t know very well, where these types of trips are the ideal way to get to know those people. There are plenty of surfboards so you can surf all day as much as you want and the fact that, in addition to lunch, you can also just order a snack and a drink makes this the ideal chill day!

Do you also want to go on this surftrip? Find out more information about the language and surf school in Montañita. 

Thomas Oosterhof

Via mijn studie Tourism Management ben ik terecht gekomen bij SurfaWhile. Waar ik elke dag meer leer over het surfen, en het verkopen van surfreizen. Door het schrijven van artikelen over surfvakanties, ervaringen en prachtige surfbestemmingen zorg ik er voor dat jij goed voorbereid op surfvakantie gaat!

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