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5 Ideas For Travelling With a Surfboard

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5 Ideas For Travelling With a Surfboard

There’s nothing worse than arriving on your surf holiday, collecting your boards from the airline, and seeing a giant ding in one of them.  The waves are firing and you’re stuck doing a repair job to a ding that wasn’t even caused by surfing.  Here are some tips and tricks we have picked up from our own travels to help you avoid this surf holiday dilemma.


  1. Give yourself ample time to pack your board bag and don’t rush the process. It’s no fun to arrive at your destination with broken surfboards. Airlines typically do not reimburse you for damages while traveling so make sure to pack your boards well! And of course, don’t forget to bring wax!


  1. Before you book a flight, check out the airline’s surfboard policy.  You should factor in the cost of surfboards before you book, as some airlines limit the number of surfboards, while others charge based on weight or length of your board bag. Make sure you are clear on the guidelines before you book. If you are travelling around Europe we recommend always choosing EasyJet over Ryan Air, their surfboard fees are cheaper and their mobile app is 10x better!


  1. Choose your equipment wisely before your trip. You cannot always guarantee what the waves will be like on your surfing holiday but always check the surf forecast and become knowledgeable about the waves in the area that you want to surf.  Our friends at Mango Surfing recommend that depending on where you are travelling, a hybrid/summer style surfboard is great if the waves are not as good or for high tide mellow sessions and a standard short board for everything else is a good idea.  If you are looking for tubes or bigger waves a step-up could be a good addition as well.  Once you’ve decided on which sticks to ride, the hardest part is over. It’s a good idea to scrape the old wax off so your board is clean and ready to go. Then remove your fins and put them in a secure place to bring on your surf trip.


  1. Equipment can get damaged whilst on your surfing holiday. In case you damage your board whilst on your surf trip, a back up board is always a great idea, especially if you ride a specific stick and don’t want to chance the availability of decent rental boards where you are surfing.  Just to keep you covered, make sure you bring ample leashes, fins and leash strings.


  1. Weigh your board bag. It may sound a little obvious but we have stuck it in there as you do not want to be one of those people at the airport trying to get rid of any non-essentials.  Make sure your bag corresponds to airline limitations, and if you have extra room in your board bag, throw in towels, wetsuits, extra leashes, and clothes for extra protection. Don’t pack anything sharp or heavy that could potentially ding your surfboards.  It doesn’t hurt to pack a small ding repair kit to fix dings on your surfboard as well.

Hans van Mourik

Co-founder SurfaWhile, ♥️ tech, travel, sports & outdoors.

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  1. Some surfboard friendly airlines:
    Garuda Indonesia
    Air New Zealand
    Qatar Airways
    Singapore Airlines

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