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Surfing in Cape Town – our student Siebe

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Surfing in Cape Town – our student Siebe

Surfing – Blouberg Beach  – Cape Town, South Africa

Last weekend I could finally go for it; my first surfing experience in South Africa! I already conquered some of the waves in France, Spain, Portugal, Indonesia and Autstralia, but South Africa still reached high on my list. After asking some of my local friends, I woke up with a smile and headed my way to Blouberg Beach. Most people in and around Cape Town will send you to Muizenberg, which also is a great spot. However, Blouberg is such unique, if only because of the scenery or the chances seals or dolphins might pop up next to your surfboard.

A Sunday morning at 08:15, it was still a little chilly, but we very enjoyed this breeze. From Camps Bay, we drove towards Blouberg in about 30 minutes. When arriving, I was happy the local surf shop hired 6’7 boards, which is exactly my size. Around 09:00, exactly the moment between low and high tide, the conditions were perfect. There were quite some other surfers in the water, but it was still very doable! I put on my just-bought wetsuit, but after feeling the water …. COLD. However, that wouldn’t set me back and off we went. Together with my housemate, we peddled a little into the ocean.

It wasn’t as easy as expected. After about 30 minutes and 6 brainfreezes (duckdives), I still didn’t succeed. The same accounted for my housemate, who also didn’t catch a wave. He even ended up a little in the current, as he floaded away, dreaming and looking at the beautiful sceneries. He managed to come back and together we made some last efforts. We did it! Standing up was quite cold, so the scream out of my throat combined Tarzan and a princess. But I was happy! We were happy and delighted. We peddled back into the ocean again straight away, as this success gave us warmth and energy. We stayed in about 40 minutes more, catching both another 4-5 waves.

After that, it was time for some coffee, a shower and warm clothes. The temperature started to rise fortunately, and with a little sunshine on my face, I could perfectly enjoy a Superfood Salad. A perfect day on a location I will definitely come back to!


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