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Surfing for beginners: 5 spots in Portugal

Surf Guide Portugal

Surfing for beginners: 5 spots in Portugal

Yes! This is the list you’ve all been waiting for: the 5 best surf spots for beginners in surfing in Portugal. Portugal is one of Europe’s best destinations for surfing as it offers hundreds of kilometers of coastline with epic waves. Some of these spots are only for advanced surfers, but there’s also more than enough for beginners in surfing. Read on for the 5 best surf spots in Portugal for beginners in surfing or have a look at over overview with the best surf camps in Portugal.

Surfing for beginners in Portugal

Read on and find out what we’ve listed as the 5 best surf spots for beginners in surfing. The list includes spots in the North of the country, as well as the south. There’s one of Lisbon’s city-beaches too, making this list suitable for surfers with any travel-plans really.

1. Surfing in Estela

We have dedicated a full article before to surfing in the North of Portugal and it certainly also makes the list of best surf spots for beginners in Portugal. Estela is nestled in the north of the country, just half an hour away from Porto. We have an amazing partner in Estela, running a surf house and they welcome hundreds of novice surfers every year.

This beach is especially great because it’s very widely stretched but despite of the space, there are hardly any people. This makes Estela Beach almost your private spot for learning how to surf.

5 / 5 – 25 reviews

Estela Surf and Hostel

Estela (Porto), Portugal
Avg. 22 – 36 years old. (Min. 18)
All surf levels, incl. beginners
Apr – Dec
From € 350,- per person, incl. surf lessons & meals

2. Surfing in Carcavelos

Just outside the city of Lisbon, you will find one of the best spots for learning how to surf – in the entire country. During the busy summer months because are full but the conditions are still great to learn how to surf. The waves are small and mellow and with the right guidance, you can well learn how to surf here.

In and around Carcavelos, there are loads of surf schools and surf camps, including some of our partners. One of the great benefits you’ll be having is the fact that you can combine your surf holidays with a visit to the city of Lisbon.

3. Surfing in Porto

The city beach of Porto – that other large city in Portugal – is called Matosinhos. Only about 7 kilomters away from most of the city’s highlights you will find this beautiful beach, an ideal spot for beginners in surfing.

Like Lisbon, Porto is a city that offers you with so many options. More and more people do find their way to the city to learn how to surf but there’s so much more. Porto has the beautiful bridges, amazing port houses, several churches and the trainstation that’s certainly worth a visit.

4. Surfing in Alentejo

Portugal’s West coast has many challenging spots but if you know where to go, you will also find quite some beaches that are great surf spots for beginners in surfing. In the beautiful Alentejo, not too far off Melides you will find a beach that’s called Praia da Galé (not to be confused with a beach on the south coast of the Algarve with the same name). The Praia da Galé we are refering too is certainly also among the most beautiful beaches of Portugal.

This is actually how beautiful it is

This beach is really in the middle of nowhere and besides guests of the camping (where there’s a surf camp too) and some day trippers, you will not find anyone here.

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Surfing for beginners: 5 spots in Portugal

Avg. – years old. (Min. )
From € ,- per

5. Surfing in Lagos

Lagos is facing the south coast of the country and the west coast has to be visited often when looking for waves. However, when the south coast does receive some waves (normally during the autumn and winter months), it’s great for beginners to learn how to surf. Lagos is after all also a great place to spend some time and in all honesty, you can reach the west coast in about 30 minutes so you remain to be fairly flexible.


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