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Surfing Holidays, Surf Tours, Surf Guides and Surf Camp

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Surfing Holidays, Surf Tours, Surf Guides and Surf Camp

Surfing Holidays, Surf Tours, Surf Guides and Surf Camps……what’s the difference?
Surfing and its terminology can be quite confusing sometimes. So to help you pick the right surfing experience we have put together a quick reference guide to surfing holidays, surf tours, surf guides and surf camps.
Surfing Holidays
Surfing Holidays are run all year round, every day in various surfing locations from Morocco to Maldives, Barbados to Bali. The accommodation varies depending on budget from basic camping to luxury hotels. You airport transfers are arranged by us, and you will have a representative in the country. At most locations this may also be your surfing instructor.
Surf Tours
Surf Tours are a little different to your normal surfing holiday. A surf tour is run on a set date, and the group, usually made up of individuals all arrive on the same day and surf with us for the duration of the surf tour. An example of our surf tours this year range from our Surfing & Pilates holiday in Spain to our exclusive Maldives boat trip in August 2010 and April 2011.
Surf Guides
Surf guides refer to an individual person who will pick you up from the airport, and get you to the best surf on any given day. Surf guides are more suited to people who are comfortable surfing on their own, and just want inside surfer knowledge on where to go surfing, and when. Saving a mssive amount of time, and money.
Surf Camps
Surf Camps are very popular in places like Portugal, Morocco and Bali. Despite the name there is not a tent in sight. A surf camp is a B&B/Hostel style accommodation but perfectly located to the beach and surf. People staying at the surf camp will be surfers who have come to learn to surf, or experienced surfers looking for a week in the sunshine. Surf camps are very social, and a great way to meet others.
So there we go a quick look at the different ways you can catch some waves, relax in the sun and get the best possible surfing holiday, surf camp, surf tour or surf guide for you!
Of course we are online, on e-mail, on the end of a phone and you can come meet us in Newquay (UK) anytime to chat about your next surfing holiday.

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