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Surfing in 2022

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Surfing in 2022

Welcome back folks! Now that the biggest impact of Covid lies behind us, we can look forward to a year of surfing in full swing. Are you looking for something warm and not too ferocious waves? Keep reading, we’ve got you covered.

Surfing in Portugal will be huge this year

Check out portugal’s best surf spots here!

There is just loads to discover so let’s dive into it right away.

Surfing in Portugal this year

Portugal’s a country with a huge coastline. When regarding the options for a surf holiday in Portugal we could distinguish between the area around Porto, the entire surroundings of Lisbon and Alentejo/Algarve. We are fan of all three of those areas, with Lisbon probably being our favourite.

Our friends over at Gota Dagua Surf Camp are located at just 20 minutes south off the country’s capital city. You’ve got more to do than you would ever be capable of within a week or two. There are numerous beaches around, you can watch the sunset, there are ruins and you can visit both the surf town of Costa da Caparica as well as the city of Lisbon. Both offer you loads of restaurants and bars, amidst a buzzing crowd of surfers and other people loving life.

Surfing in Spain

What about a trip to the Canary Islands this year? 2022 actually is the year one of our main partners has opened a brand new surf house in Corralejo where you’ll be able to enjoy the eternal spring which the Canary Islands are known for. On the slight downside, Fuerteventura is a volcanic island which does not offer that much in terms of greenery. The North of Spain would be a much better bet for you this year.

When considering a trip to the Basque Country or Cantabria – both world-famous for its surfing – you might want to stop over at our friends in Oyambre. The Star Surf Camp is well prepared to host you this year. Did you know that the surfing conditions here are amazing for novice surfers? Moreover, the airports of Santander and Bilbao are just a short drive, with pick-ups being available throughout the season.


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