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Surf Guide: Surfing Santa Teresa, Costa Rica

Surf Guide Costa Rica

Surf Guide: Surfing Santa Teresa, Costa Rica

During my visit to Santa Teresa I have visited Playa Santa Teresa and Playa Hermosa myself. However, there are many more spots around. During my stay at the Lapoint Surf Camp in Costa Rica, Playa Santa Teresa was within walking distance. The sunset-surf session I did on my last evening was one of my best sessions ever. With the beautiful palm trees, the sun setting and an amazing crowd it was purely magic.

Surfing Playa Santa Teresa

Both novice and surfers with more experience play it very well by coming to Santa Teresa. The main beach, which stretches along many of the hotels and resorts, offers a variety of waves, suitable for anyone. It is advisable to consult a local surf school or any of the local surfers about the hour of the day which will suit you best. Like many of the beaches around, Playa Santa Teresa is covered in sand with only very little rocks being present. When surfing close to the shore you have to take them into account but as soon as you are in the line-up it won’t bother you at all.

Santa Teresa beach
Santa Teresa beach

Especially during sunset, large crowds gather at the beach to watch surfers from all levels performing on the amazing waves. The local surfers, the ‘new locals’ and the foreign surfers get along very well and set up a show for all spectators.

Surfing Playa Hermosa

Playa Hermosa, north of Santa Teresa, is an amazing beach and generally can be found with much less surfers compared to any of the other beaches in the region. The dirt road leading to this beach is fully covered in the most beautiful flowers, including some hibiscus and amapoles. At the most northern point of Playa Hermosa, you will find a beautiful point break, a left-hander. The guests of Lapoint Surf Camp often go here when the conditions at Playa Santa Teresa are too challenging. The point-break can be ideal for beginning surfers as it continues to carry on for quite a while.

Playa Hermosa is also known for its ripe current which can get fairly strong. Surfers usually know how to handle it well but for swimmers it can get tricky.

Surfing La Lora & Suck Rock

This beautiful spot, just north of Playa Santa Teresa is known for its sandy white beaches. These spots attract surfers from all levels but waves can get pretty high. This also justifies the presence of photographers from time to time, taken amazing shots from the best surfers in the world. Even world-famous Kelly Slater has come down to Santa Teresa to practice his surf skills. Horseback riding during sunset also is a very populair activity.

Horseriding on the beach

La Lora is also attractive for being a rock-free beach and the consistency of the waves even make this spot suitable for surf competitions. During the time of my visit, I have been told that there are weekly surf competitions, where people from all across Costa Rica pay visits to witness the great surfers.

Surfing Malpaís

About 5 kilometres to the south from Santa Teresa you will find Malpaís, a much more quiet surf spot. Waves here can get pretty good as well and are suitable for surfers from all levels. Most of the surfers and surf camps head to the waves in Santa Teresa so Playa Malpaís is generally less packed.


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