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Surf Guide: Surfing in Somo & Loredo, Spain

Surf Guide Spain

Surf Guide: Surfing in Somo & Loredo, Spain

N 43° 27′ 20” , W 3° 43′ 39”

Northern Spain is a true surf mecca with world-class surf conditions. In combination with the slightly larger Somo, Loredo forms the surfing bay of Santander. Besides the good surfing conditions, it also offers breathtaking views. On the right side of the beach you look out on the historic town of Santander, on the right side the landscapes of Loredo. But for now we will focus on surfing in and around Loredo.

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Surfing in Loredo & Somo

Surfing in Loredo

The entire beach between these 2 places is more than 10 kilometers long with the best waves in the middle of this beach. This is because there is nothing between the ocean and the beach on this part, so that the waves come ashore without interruption. The places Loredo and Somo are each at a different end of the beach, where most surfing lessons are also given. In general, the waves there are a lot calmer there than in the middle of the beach. It does not really matter what the conditions are, you will always find a place where the waves match your surfing level.

Surfing Playa de Somo

This beach is approximately 2 kilometers long with excellent waves over the entire length. The waves are best around mid / low tide. It can get very busy in the summer months but this is considerably less outside the holidays. This spot has the longest wave of Spain, partly because of this you see many longboarders on this spot. If there is a swell on the way then you have to be in Playa de Somo where you can surf A-frame waves of 2 meters or higher. In addition to the great surfing conditions, you can also enjoy a breathtaking sunset in the practical landscape.

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Surfing Playa de Loredo

Compared to Somo, Loredo is aquiet and small surf village with an up and coming surf scene. Also the waves here are always a bit smaller and calmer than in Somo, this is perfect for beginners if the waves in Somo are too intense. You see many surfing lessons here because the conditions there are the best for learning to surf. A swell of at least 60 CM is required to surf. The ideal swell height is between 1.5 and 2 meters. The best tide for surfing is high tide, you will find mainly right waves but because it is a beach break you can occasionally find a left one.

In addition to the versatile surf spots, the beach of Somo and Loredo is close to Santander. One of the larger cities in northern Spain. This makes it possible to discover a new city in addition to surfing, because there is more than enough to see and do in Santander. In addition, there are also many surf shops where you can buy all the surf gear you could wish for. If you prefer not to come into town, there is also plenty to do in Somo or Loredo, which also has plenty of surfhouses, hostels and surf camps. For example the Latas Surf House in Loredo.

Loredo will always be one of the favored surf spots of the world, by surfers and SurfaWhile alike. The waves a great for all levels and it is a place fully submersed in an authentic surf vibe. Check out our Surfing in Spain page to see how Somo & Loredo compares to our other partners in Spain and across Europe. We will see you in the line up soon, Let’s Go SurfaWhile!

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