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Surf Guide: Surfing in Australia – Overall

Surf Guide Australia

Surf Guide: Surfing in Australia – Overall

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Australia: no country in the world is more associated with surfing than this immense country in the southern hemisphere. It can come as no surprise that Australia, with a coastline of no less than 37,000 kilometers, is home to an incredible number of good surf spots. Many of these surf spots are therefore among the best surf spots in the world, where a number of the most important international surfing competitions are organized. Australia is also the home country of many famous (international) top surfers. They like to come back to their favorite surfing destinations to enjoy surfing in Australia! Maybe you will spot them there!

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Surfing in Australia in short

  • Surf culture : No country in the world is more associated with global surf culture than Australia. Almost the entire population lives on the coast, which means that a large part of the population grew up surfing and loving surfing culture.
  • Aussies: the people of Australia are hugely friendly, open and welcoming. From our own experiences, we can sincerely say that the population is one of the reasons that your surfing holiday to Australia will be fantastic!
  • Surf spots: the huge coastlines on both the Indian Ocean in the west, the Pacific Ocean to the east and the Arctic Ocean in the south creates an unprecedented number of surf spots along the entire Australian coast.
  • English study: Australia is very suitable for studying and surfing English for a while. Metropolitan Sydney is a good choice. However, are you looking for a more laid-back environment? Then Byron Bay is the place to go.
  • Nature: Australia is the fifth largest country in the world. Yet there are “only” 23 million people living in this huge country. This size creates an unprecedented opulence of nature with a huge number of National Parks as a result.
  • Backpacking: many young people choose to backpack abroad for a while before, after or during their studies. Australia is a popular destination because of the climate, beaches, nature and of course the parties. A holiday to Australia will be fantastic!

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History of surfing in Australia

Bells beach

The surfing culture is deeply rooted in Australia. Sport is an important part of the Australian lifestyle in which millions of Australians participate. Surfing in Australia began over a hundred years ago, when the legendary Hawaiian surfer Duke Kahanamoku surfed on the Australian waves of Freshwater in December 1914 before the eyes of the locals. From that moment Australia has embraced the sport and never let go.

In the 60s and 70s, surfing in Australia was often associated with hippies and a relaxed lifestyle. This “laid-back vibe” is still clearly visible in Byron Bay. In the meantime, surfing has become a very important mainstream sport that is currently being practiced by some 2.5 million Australians. Surfing is more than a sport in Australia. Surfing in Australia is a way of life!

Surfen in Margaret River

The surfing seasons in Australia

The climate of Australia varies enormously due to the size and diversity of the country. It is important to know that the seasons of Australia are opposite to those of the Netherlands. The summer of Australia runs roughly from December to March and you can see the winter between June and September. Two seasons are distinguished in the tropical north of Australia: the wet summer and the dry winter. If you head south along both coasts, you will find warm summers and mild winters throughout the year. You will be greeted throughout the year with warm days and a wonderful water temperature in Queensland and northern New South Wales. So there are plenty of beautiful days, enough to enjoy surfing in Australia!

The coastline in southern Australia, including Tasmania, is characterized by four clearly distinct seasons. Here you will find dry, mild summers and relatively cool winters. You can regularly find heat waves in the summer months. The south can get quite cold, so if you want to surf you will have to wear a good wetsuit if you are going to brave the water. Be well prepared, even in winter the sun can shine brightly! So never forget your sunscreen when you go surfing in Australia, not even in the winter!

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Surf in Australia with SurfaWhile

Byron Bay

Learn English and surf in Byron Bay

Are you looking for a place to improve your English in a friendly, laid-back and, at the same time, professional environment? Then Byron Bay is the choice for you! You can book an English course with SurfaWhile at a renowned language institute in Byron Bay. This school opened its doors in 1998 and has grown over the years into a very popular institution among young people from all over the world. The school offers a very wide range of activities. In addition to surfing, you can for example follow yoga lessons or dive. There is also free WIFI, a weekly barbecue and there are 22 computers that you can use. The school in Byron Bay is also an official exam center, which makes it a very suitable institution to prepare for a Cambridge or TOEFL exam.

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