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Surf Guide: Surfing in Australia – East

Surf Guide Australia

Surf Guide: Surfing in Australia – East

S: 28°38’31.24″ E 153°36’42.98″

Australia is a wildly popular destination among tourists and backpackers from all over the world. The (sub) tropical climate, the beaches, the excellent living conditions, the “laid-back vibe”, the friendly people, the beautiful nature and of course the English language are all reasons enough to spend a bit of time in this beautiful country.

Surfing on the East coast of Australia

Australia has an enormous coastline on both the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean, so this huge country is blessed with a huge number of surf spots. Australia is therefore on the bucket list of everyone who is interested in surfing. However, it can still be difficult to find the right information. That is why we describe everything you need for your surfing trip to Eastern Australia in this helpful guide!

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The best surf spots in Australia – East Coast

Surf in Crescent Head

This surf spot is located along a coastal route which runs 25 kilometers along the coast and houses a lot of exceptionally good surf spots. One of these surf spots is called Crescent Head and is a world famous surfing destination, especially among longboarders. At this spot it is possible to ride more than 200 meter long waves! Therefore, various films have been recorded at this famous surfing location.

 Surfing in the Gold Coast

A very popular destinations for surfing in Australia is Gold Coast. This relatively large area is the most popular holiday destination in Australia. The reasons for this are the wonderful, subtropical climate, the wide range of tourist attractions, its beaches, the proximity too two national parks and of course the presence of a number of very good surf spots.

Gold Coast waves
Waves on the gold coast

The well-known surfing spot Snapper Rock is known as one of the best spots in Australia. Very reputable, international surfing events are organized here, such as Quiksilver and Roxy Pro, Rip Curl Masters and MP Classic. This surf spot is also the favorite surf spot of (international) top surfers such as Mick Fanning, Joel Parkinson and Stephanie Gilmore, who prefer nothing more than surfing on their favorite waves when they are not on tour for large, international competitions.

Surf in Coffs Harbor

Coffs Harbor, also known as Coffs for short, is a popular holiday town in northern New South Wales. This popularity is due to the fact that Coffs is far enough to the north to have a semi-tropical climate, but is still relatively close to the major cities of Sydney (around 540 km) and Brisbane (around 440 km). Coffs Harbor is a well-known place for surfing, where regional surfing competitions take place regularly.

Surfing in Noosa

Noosa is a fairly fancy resort with expensive shops, chic restaurants and a vibrant nightlife. You will also find a number of excellent backpacker hostels in Noosa. It is therefore a very popular resort among international backpackers as well as among Aussies from the major cities who spend their holidays here. Noosa has three major surf spots: First Point, Main Beach and Rivermouth. Noosa is an excellent surf spot for beginning surfers, but also intermediate to more experienced surfers can go here. The town is also situated in a beautiful, natural environment.

Noosa beach

Surfing in Sydney

Sydney is the largest and most famous city in Australia. This true cosmopolitan city lies on a natural harbor, the Sydney Harbor, and therefore has one of the most beautiful locations of all world cities. Sydney has a number of beautiful beaches, of which the iconic Bondi Beach is the best known. However, don’t forget to visit the laid-back Manly and the beautiful Coogee Beach. Also north of Manly you will find another 11 (!) Beaches with excellent surfing possibilities. One of these is Freshwater Beach, the legendary beach where Duke Kahanamoku introduced the Australian population to surfing.

Surfing in Byron Bay

Byron Bay is known as one of the most relaxed places to surf in Australia. Many backpackers come for the laid-back vibe and beautiful beaches. When surf culture emerged in the late ’60s, the’ North Coast ‘of Australia quickly became the promise land for anyone with a surfboard. This culture was characterized by hippie hangout spots, dreadlocks, music and raw and passionate surfing. These days, this hippie culture goes hand in hand with trendy restaurants, bars and coffee shops. The North Coast has also become known as the homespot of some of the greatest surfers in the world. Of course there is a large number of very good surf spots in Byron Bay where you can experience the classic “surfing in Australia experience”. Well-known spots in Byron Bay are Tallow Beach, Wategos, Main Beach and Belongil.

Byron Bay

Learn English and surf in Byron Bay

Are you looking for a place to improve your English in a friendly, laid-back and at the same time professional environment? Then Byron Bay is the choice for you! You can book an English course at SurfaWhile at a renowned language institute in Byron Bay. This school opened its doors in 1998 and has grown over the years into a very popular institution among young people from all over the world. The school offers a very wide range of activities. In addition to surfing, you can for example follow yoga lessons or dive. There is also free WIFI, a weekly barbecue and there are 22 computers that you can use. The school in Byron Bay is also an official exam center, which makes it a very suitable institution to prepare for a Cambridge or TOEFL exam.

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