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Surfing in Lanzarote: five reasons why it's better than you think

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Surfing in Lanzarote: five reasons why it's better than you think

Surfing in Lanzarote copped a bit of a bad rep in the ’80’s thanks to stories of pretty heavy localism. To be fair, it was probably warranted but  surfers are a more educated tribe these days and as those original perpetrators have grown up and mellowed out, happily they do not seem to have been replaced.

A prefect but deadly wave cracks onto a lava reef in Lanzarote
Powerful, perfect and blue: the quintessential Lanzarote experience

Anyway! In this post, we’re talking about what makes Lanzarote an absolutely banging surf destination. Here goes:
1. Cheap flights
And short flights! Thomas Cook do them from many UK airports for way under £200 return. Flight takes 4hrs, and when you land, you’re never more than 45 minutes away from where you wanna be.
2. Vibes
Lanzarote is a peaceful island. Muy tranquillo! Where you’ll be surfing – north, north west and north east, the package tours don’t reach. Expect low rise white houses with green shutter and red roofs. Anticipate empty winding roads and wonderful barren volcano-pocked landscapes.
3. Clear water
The seas around Lanzarote are stunning. The clarity in surf zones around La Santa is ridiculous; so clear, so deep, so blue. Take a mask and amuse yourself for hours if it ever goes flat.
4. The surf
As good as they always said it was. Lanzarote boasts one of the highest concentrations of amazing waves on the planet. Everything is here from the terrifying pits of El Quemao to the rifling rights of Ghost Town, via a classic assortment of points and reefs.
5. The locals
Believe it. Seek your waves with humility and don’t be afraid to engage others in conversation, both in and out of the water. Life’s good on Lanzarote,  and the locals don’t mind sharing that fact with you 🙂

Hans van Mourik

Co-founder SurfaWhile, ♥️ tech, travel, sports & outdoors.

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