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Surf Guide: Surfing in Mimizan, France

Surf Guide France

Surf Guide: Surfing in Mimizan, France

N: 44.214321, W: -1.299781.

A well-known surf spot on the French coast and certainly not without good reason. The beach, Mimizan plage, is 10 kilometers long with waves along the entire length. Over the stretch or beach there are 4 recognized surf spots La Garluche, Goëlands, Mouettes and Plage Sud. Around the central part of the beach where t the Mimizan river flows into the sea, the waves are a bit calmer. If you go further south where the waves of the Atlantic Ocean are rolling onto the beach continuously, you will enjoy consistent waves all year round.

– Mimizan seen from the dunes –

Surfing in Mimizan

As mentioned before, everything happens at Mimizan Plage. Therefore, surf lessons are also given here. If you follow a surfing lesson, the school will look at where the waves are best that day. The waves are consistent and perfect for beginners, partly because they are not that steep compared to, for example, Hossegor, which is a bit more southerly.

What makes Mimizan a challenging place to surf is the sandbanks are constantly on the move. You see this happening the most around the mouth of the river, so a spot that works well today will not necessarily do tomorrow. What you can do is check the beach or the dunes where you can find the waves best.

  • Spot type: Beach.
  • Offshore wind: Easterly.
  • Bottom type: Sand.
  • Best tide: Mid tide.
  • Wave size: 1 to 2.5 m.
  • Swell direction: West, North/ West

Best period to surf in Mimizan

If you want to experience the surfing lifestyle, the months of July and August are by far the best months. The surf camps and schools are nice and busy and Mimizan breathes surfing during this period. There are good waves, summer temperatures and parties every night. Keep in mind that there are many surfing lessons and it can get very busy in the water. As a beginner, we strongly recommend taking classes so that you learn how to deal with the crowds.

– Especially during winter the waves are amazing –

If you are a more experienced surfer, the months of May, June and September are the best for surfing in Mimizan. These months the crowds are a lot smaller and the water is still nice and warm, around 15 to 20 degrees. You will also see that the waves are already better than in July and August, but not as good as in the real winter months.

In the winter, advanced surfers can already fully enjoy watching the waves. It is equally possible to surf nice hollow barrels when a swell lands. A disadvantage is that the water temperature is a lot lower, so you will need a 4/3 wetsuit. The benefit of the colder weather is the fact that the crowds are pretty much all gone, meaning you will have the beach pretty much all to yourself.

We hope that this article will give you the best chance at shredding the glassy waves of Mimizan. For more info about surfing and staying in Mimizan, check out our page. See you in the line up some time, Lets Go SurfaWhile!

Thomas Oosterhof

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