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Surfing in Nicaragua with Errant Surf Holidays

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Surfing in Nicaragua with Errant Surf Holidays

Nicaragua possesses a sense of tranquility and beauty that is not found in any other Central American country. This relaxed vibe is intertwined with a raw and rugged edge that comes from this Latin America’s country.
Nicaragua has been through war and years of political instability, but now is considered Central America’s safest and arguably most beautiful country. Nicaragua is an untouched gem waiting to be discovered and there are numerous reasons why you should choose to visit Nicaragua.
Surfing Nicaragua
The Pacific Coast of Nicaragua is blessed with consistent all year round swell that provides countless world-class waves in a predominantly offshore wind zone. This results in the rare opportunity for you and your friends to score every day n un-crowded clean perfect waves, and represents one of the last frontiers for surf exploration in Central America.
This is great place to visit as it’s regarded as a safe country and the cheapest in Central America. There’s plenty to experience with abundant wildlife. Amazing coastline’s with Nicaragua being sandwiched between the wild pacific coast and the tropical Caribbean Sea. The area is also home to the largest rainforests outside of the Amazon which provides overwhelming beauty to this diverse landscape. These remarkable natural sights all contribute a sense of mystery to this undiscovered land.
Surfing Nicaragua
Fancy surfing something a bit different? Beach break? Reef break? How about a volcano break! That’s right shred up a volcano on the exhilarating activity of volcano surfing.  Scattered throughout the landscapes of Nicaragua are majestic volcanoes, offering volcano climbing adventures in cities such as Leon, Rivas and Masaya.
Meet some of the warmest and most beautiful people with a variety of cultures and influences in the region – Spanish, Caribbean and indigenous tribes. Experience the extraordinary history and beautiful colonial towns, and indulge in the local produce from great coffee to cigars and of course the rum!
Nicaragua’s epic and un-crowded surf has your name on it, what are you waiting for? Come and surf with us.

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