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Surf Guide: Surfing in South Africa

Surf Guide South Africa

Surf Guide: Surfing in South Africa

33° 55′ S, 18° 27′ E

South Africa is extremely popular among travelers around the world. And not without reason. South Africa is often called the land of extremes. In the south of Africa you will find beautiful nature, bustling world cities, two powerful oceans and a diversity of people that is unparalleled. The southern Cape Town is considered worldwide as one of the most special travel destinations in the world. Cape Town is home to a unique mix of the extraordinary table mountain, a large modern city, a beautiful ocean, a unique diversity of people and splendid nature around the corner. It is therefore no surprise that very many international students, volunteers and trainees choose to stay in Cape Town for a longer period of time.

Surf in South Africa the short

Table Mountain


South Africa’s long coastline on both the Atlantic Ocean and the Indian Ocean houses a large number of surf spots. These surf spots range from metropolitan beaches to deserted bays. So there is something for everyone!


The population of South Africa consists of a very interesting mix of people. The great diversity among the South African population has led to 11 (!) official languages ​​being spoken in this beautiful country.


South Africa is a country of unparalleled beauty. You will find high mountains, vast grasslands, dry deserts, beautiful beaches and of course an animal kingdom that is almost unparalleled.

Study English

As mentioned earlier, 11 official languages ​​are spoken in South Africa. English is, however, the language that every South African has excellent command of. South Africa is therefore an excellent choice to improve your English for a while.

World cities

In addition to its unprecedented nature, you will find a number of vibrant world cities in South Africa. Cape Town is very high on the bucket list of many travelers, but Johannesburg is also hip and happening these days.

Volunteer work

Unfortunately, a large part of the South African population lives in poverty. In large parts of the country people fight poverty every day. You have the opportunity to give underprivileged children a helping hand.

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The best surf spots in South Africa

Surfing in Muizenberg

Muizenberg is a suburb of Cape Town, located on the so-called False Bay. This is the surf spot where a large part of the Capetonians (residents of Cape Town) have learned to surf. The good quality of the waves is caused by a large sandbank off the coast of the beach. Do you want to surf here? In Muizenberg you will find a number of very good surf shops and surf schools, so it is no problem to buy or rent gear and take lessons there too. Moreover, this is an ideal surf spot for beginners to intermediate surfers.

Het strand van Muizenberg

Surf in Stilbaai

Stilbaai is also known as “the bay of sleeping beauty” and is a small village near the start of the Garden Route. The distance from Cape Town is approximately four hours by car. This beautiful bay offers infamous waves, which you often share with dolphins or seals. Please note: many surf spots in and around Stilbaai have a rocky surface. The waves are therefore particularly suitable for more experienced surfers.

Surfing in Jeffreys bay

Following the aforementioned documentary, surfers from all over the world went to Cape st. Francis to surf on these world famous waves. However, it wasn’t long before these surfers found even better waves in nearby Jeffrey’s Bay. Today, Jeffrey’s Bay is regarded as one of the very best surf spots in the world. This is also one of the stops of the very prestigious World Surf League Tour. Over the years, J’Bay has become a real surfing paradise, where you will find a huge number of surf camps, surf hostels, surf shops and schools.

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Surfen in Jeffrey’s bay

Surfing in Kommetjie

Kommetjie (pronounced Kommekie) is a small town south of Cape Town. It is located approximately halfway between Cape Peninsula, the peninsula where Cape Town is also located. Here you will find a wide sandy beach with powerful waves from the Atlantic Ocean rolling into it. With the right conditions, huge waves can occur here. Note: the water of the Atlantic Ocean is very cold here because of melting water from Antarctica. So make sure you bring a good wetsuit!

Surf in Mossel bay

Mossel Bay, or Mossel Bay, is a popular coastal town on the Garden Route. In this town you will find two famous surf spots with the names “Inner pool” and “Outer pool”. With low tide you have to be at Outer Pool, where the waves become fast and more powerful. When the tide is in, Inner Pool is the most suitable choice. Here the waves are fatter and slower. The Outer Pool and the Inner Pool are separated by the infamous “Peanut Butter Rock.” This rock provides a wonderful sight for both surfers and spectators.

Mossel bay

Surf in Mdumbi

The beautiful Mdumbi is one of the best surf spots on the east coast of South Africa in a beautiful, truly African environment. Mdumbi is located in the Transkei, which was a so-called “homeland” during apartheid. A homeland was an independent territory within the borders of South Africa that was assigned to the black population groups. This has made the Transkei feel like a whole different world than most, more modern places in South Africa. The quality of the waves of Mdumbi is caused by a river that flows here into the Indian Ocean. If you succeed, you share these fantastic waves with a group of dolphins. Around the beach of Mdumbi you will find a number of eco-lodges where tourism is combined with the sustainable development of the poorer region.

Surfing in Victoria Bay

Victoria Bay is a coastal town that is located in the South African province of Western Cape. The town lies along the popular Garden Route, between George and Wilderness, and Victoria Bay has a large number of holiday parks and campsites. Victoria Bay also has excellent waves and is therefore a popular destination for surfers, and competitions are also regularly organized. Nice to know: The famous professional surf star Bianca Buitendag learned to surf here!

Surf in Cape st. Francis

Cape st. Francis is a town on the south coast of South Africa. It is a popular resort due to its beautiful beaches and excellent waves. The town has a very important role in South Africa’s reputation as one of the best surfing destinations in the world. This is because the waves of Cape st. Francis were “discovered” during the filming of the world famous surfing documentary “Endless Summer” from 1966, in which a group of surfers travels around the world to find the best, undiscovered surf spots .

Surfing in Durban

Durban is a city on the east coast of South Africa. It is a very popular holiday destination because of the wonderful, sub-tropical climate and beautiful beaches. Especially during the summer, many people from Johannesburg head to Durban to enjoy these beaches. This city is seen as the surfing capital of South Africa. Along the entire width of the city you will find a large number of surf spots where surfers can surf at any level throughout the year.

Surfen in Durban

Learn English and Surf in Cape Town

How would you like to combine learning English and surfing in Cape Town? Worldwide, this city is seen as one of the coolest travel destinations because of the endless possibilities this city has to offer. There is probably no city in the world where so many come together: a bustling metropolis, a beautiful nature, the endless Atlantic Ocean and a very diverse population.

In Cape Town we work together with a very renowned language institute, which has been nominated several times for “best English language school in the southern hemisphere.” The school has an international environment and social responsibility of paramount importance.

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