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Surf Guide: Surfing in Puerto Escondido, Mexico

Surf Guide Mexico

Surf Guide: Surfing in Puerto Escondido, Mexico

N: 15°51′43″ W: 97°04′18″

Puerto Escondido is a beautiful & small port town in the San Pedro district of Oaxaco, Mexico. The region was infamous for the large quantities of coffee that passed through the area due to its placement on shipping routes between South America and North. However, now a new heartbeat raising activity is the tipple of choice. Surfing in recent years has taken Mexico by storm due to the prominence of South American surfers in WSL. The likes of Gabriel Medina and Filipe Toledo have injected new life into surfing in Central America, resulting in a number of surf sports being unearthed along the Mexican Coastline. Our favourite is the quaint town of  Puerto Escondido, here is why.

Where to go Surfing in Puerto Escondido

The most famous beach is Playa Zicaleta and this is also the beach adjacent to Puerto Escondido. The legendary 3 km long beach is one of the most famous spots in Mexico and many surfers come every year to surf the waves. This is not without danger, there is a very strong undercurrent and lifeguards take inexperienced surfers from the water every day. The nasty surfing conditions do not alter the fact that this spot is very popular due to the wide beaches, golden sunsets and laid-back vibe. The northern part of the beach is a mix of cultures where the locals blend seamlessly with the many visitors from all over the world. The southern beach has a softer atmosphere and more relaxed surf conditions. Something for everyone in Puerto!

Playa de Zipolite

An hours drive from the surfing mecca of Puerto Escondido is the hippy dippy town of Zipolite. It is famouse for being the only town in Mexico to boast a nudist beach. In general it is not overflowing with the nudists, and of course it is by no means compulsory, however it does show you what this region is all about, freedom. A cool resort in the area is El Alquimista, where you have a number of beautiful rooms around the luxurious swimming pool. You can also walk straight into the sea from the restaurant. Every now and then in the hilly village you have beautiful views of this sleepy and quaint town.

Playa de Zipolite is great for surfing, with waves for surfers of all levels. Snorkelling trips run along this beach all day long so you can mix up your days surf with a glimpse of the exotic marine life Mexico has to offer. After having been on the open water for half an hour we spotted dolphins and turtles before mooring in the first bay. The swells in Zipolite can be quite strong however this means that some big waves can always be found. Surf schools are always available in the shore and wil be more than happy to point out the best spot for your skill level. The bus ride to Zipolite is truly beautiful. It is a long winding road through tropical rainforest and vegetation. When you arrive you will find everything you could possibly need along one stretch of road that runs parallel to the beach. Overall, this region has truly retained and stayed true to the hippie ulture that first made it popular in the 70’s.

Punta Cometa.

Located in the region of Mazunte, Punta Cometa is certainly the best place we’ve been too to watch the sunset. Nothing compares to watching the red glow hover over the water after a  long day surfing while sharing a few cold beers. This place has become legendary for its sunset’s with people coming from all over Mexico to see them. The rocks that protrude from the coast into the ocean are shaped like a comet, giving this region its iconic name. Whether on top of the rock, or down on the beach, it didn’t really matter because both places are as impressive a sight as each other. Make sure you don’t wait too long to go back, without light the way back is a big challenge.

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