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Surf Guide: Surfing in Costa Rica

Surf Guide Costa Rica

Surf Guide: Surfing in Costa Rica

N: 9 ° 56 ′ W: 84 ° 5 ′

Costa Rica is a relatively new face of Central America’s surf scene due to the surge of tourism on the island in recent years. A safe social environment, tranquil beaches and warm waters made this tropical destination a true hidden treasure for surfers. Here are a few suggestions or some of our favorite surf spots in Costa Rica, be sure not to overlook this tiny island as a world of adventure can be found under the tropical canopies or rain-forest.

Surfing in Costa Rica

Both in 2009 & 2012, the population of Costa Rica were awarded the title of happiest people on the planet. This is no doubt due to the inseparable connection the people here feel the ecology that surrounds them with the happiness index including ‘ecological footprint’ as one of its most defining criteria. Because of Costa Rica’s position along the equator the region has a beautiful tropical climate that stays hot all year round. There year is divided into two, the dry and wet seasons. December to April is the peek of the islands dry summer season as winter takes over from May to November. The tropical waters are inviting all year round and the changing weather makes for some pretty spectacular waves.


man holding surfboard walking near seashore-The Shoreline of Tamarindo-

The iconic release of surf movie classic ‘Endless Summer II’ brought Tamarindo into the cross-hairs of surfers from around the globe. An hours drive south of Liberia, Tamarindo has till maintained its wild and untouched feeling despite rising tourist interest. However, some essential tourist facilities have been blown over from the US to cater to the crowds. This makes Tamarindo the perfect blend of an ideal surfing location that is surrounded by wild rain forest yet still offers good entertainment facilities.

Did you know that you can learn Spanish in combination with surfing in Tamarindo?

Playa Grande offers the most consistent waves of the area. Whilst this does result in a a longer line up in the swell there is a good reason for it. Additionally, Playa Langosta, Avellanas and Playa Negra are all world class surfing destinations that remain extremely popular with locals. I suggest you take time to look round these beaches as its often a more enjoyable days rest or surf due to diminished attention from tourists. Follow the locals is always the best plan. If you do wish to reach the more northern beaches of this infamouse region then we suggest you book onto a surf tour company with experience in the area. We are of course more than happy to arrange that for you.

We’ve also written a full guide on Surfing in and around Tamarindo.

Santa Teresa

Read on after the picture…

– Santa Teresa, San José, Costa Rica-

Teresa gives a new meaning to the term ‘surfer’s paradise’. It originated as a small fishing village but over time it has grown into an annual surfing hotspot for people from all over the world. The area consists of there key areas, Playa Carmen, Santa Teresa & Mal Pais. Each area offers a different appeal for surfers: Beginners are best suited to the beautiful beach of Playa Carmen as the sandbar located of shore keeps the waves relatively low. Located only a few minutes walk from the beach is the truly unique resort of LaPoint Surf Camp that boasts a swimming pool and an authentic suffer vibe.

More experiences surfers could try there hand and the waves of Santa Teresa were the point breaks cause strong barrels. After a days surfing here you can relax and mingle with fellow surfers at the infamous Nativo Sports Bar for a cold Margarita. The whole region of Santa Teresa is defined by its white beaches, brilliant surf spots for every level, copious amounts of surf schools and surf camps. Plus I promise you’ll see the most beautiful sunset that can be found in Costa Rica or anywhere in the world for that matter.

We’ve also written a full guide on surfing in and around Santa Teresa.

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